EMIS Health Live: OneResults, OneMonitoring and OneRecall

22 Jul 2020 12.00 - 12.15

Join Primary Care Pathways for a 15 minute power up session to understand gain a greater understanding of their OneResults, OneMonitoring and OneRecall tools and how they can streamline and drive up quality of care in your practice.

EMIS Health Live: The New Normal


This session covers our OneResults, OneMonitoring and OneRecall tools.  See how through smart use of EMIS Web you can see exactly what blood tests a patient needs, how frequently, why and whether they’re up to date or not (OneResults). Couple this with OneMonitoring which highlights all elements of care needed for a patient and when the were last undertaken and you have a really powerful set of tools to allow the safe delegation of care to a wider primary care team as well as making monitoring and care everybody within the practices job. Build on top of this a comprehensive recall system which flags patients as they contact the practice, as well as searches for those not contacting and OneAnalytics to look at those who are not being managed to target and you have the perfect way of caring for your patients in a streamlined and efficient way.


Dustyn Saint, Founder, Primary Care Pathways

Dustyn is the founder of Primary Care Pathways, a GP Partner and undergraduate tutor at UEA. He founded Primary Care Pathways so that practices would have access to a really broad suite of tools (including anything and everything they need) so that true working at scale could be achieved.

Who should attend

Anyone involved with cost management including:

  • GPs
  • Practice Managers
  • IT Administrators 

What you'll learn

Understand how the use of smart tools can streamline and drive up quality of care in your practice.

How to join

Bookings for this session have now closed.

You can still join us by clicking here at 12 pm on the 22 July.