EMIS Health Live: Managing long term condition, co-morbidity patients during COVID-19 and beyond

22 Jul 2020 12.30 - 12.45

Join GPSS for a 15 minute power up session to understand how PatientChase simplifies and automates all aspects of patient call and recall.

EMIS Health Live: The New Normal


PatientChase simplifies and automates all aspects of patient call and recall, helping practices to identify and communicate with co-morbidity patients and ensure that contact is coded back into EMIS Web.

The software gives you a watertight, methodical and easy-to-run recall system. With over 13 years of experience in helping practices, we've adapted all the methods that practices use to contact their patients.

Due to COVID-19 practices must adapt how to manage long term condition patients. PatientChase can help with in several ways.

It's more than just a multi-method communication application - it’s also a clever search tool to identify concise cohorts of patients needing to be contacted. It instantly cross-references multiple-condition patients, messages to patients are automatically personalised and they are contacted the fewest times necessary.


Richard Chmielowski, Director, GPSS

With qualifications in business, marketing and finance, Richard has previously held managerial roles in both primary and secondary care. He is co-founder of GPSS. Passionate about helping primary care teams manage their patients in the best way possible, Richard is involved in many of the customer facing aspects of delivering IT solutions.

Who should attend

  • Admin staff responsible for identifying chronic disease patients
  • Clinical staff responsible for conducting reviews

What you'll learn

How to identify and communicate with chronic disease patients be it in the surgery or remotely.

How to join

Bookings for this session have now closed.

You can still join join us by clicking here at 12:30 pm on the 22 July.