EMIS Health Live: Introduction into EPS and ProScript Connect for dispensing practices

21 Jul 2020 13.00-14.00

This webinar is designed to give a basic overview of Electronic Prescription Services and an insight into how dispensing practices can utilise ProScript Connect to streamline their dispensing processes

EMIS Health Live: The New Normal


Since COVID-19, the NHS has been advising dispensing practices to start using Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). This session will provide dispensing doctors with additional information on EPS, how it can add value/streamline dispensing practices process along with an overview of our dispensary management system, ProScript Connect. 


Matthew Isom, Chief Executive, Dispensing Doctors' Association

Matthew Isom joins the DDA from the British Medical Association’s (BMA) General Practitioners’ Committee (GPC) secretariat, where he was responsible for policy and negotiations for dispensing doctors for 12 years. A history post-graduate with a keen interest in politics and government, Matthew was part of the team which negotiated the contractual framework for the GMS GP contract, introduced from April 2003. He has also held the policy brief for GP Information Technology, negotiating the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) contract in England and navigating the introduction of the Summary Care Record (SCR) and the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) for GPs. In 2011, he led the team working directly with the GPC Chairman, Dr Laurence Buckman, and Negotiating team during the negotiations on changes to the GMS contract.

The DDA benefits from Matthew’s past medico-political career with LMCs and the GPC/BMA across the four nations of the UK, including four years as Secretary to the Annual Conference of Representatives of LMCs.

Paul Hodson, Training Executive, EMIS Health Community Pharmacy

Paul Hodson joined Emis Health back in 2014 to provide training and support to a variety of customers using Proscript Connect. Training and educating have been at the heart of Paul's professional career to date, providing top quality training is a cornerstone in helping any pharmacy or dispensing practice through the migration to new software. 

Prior to joining Emis, Paul has provided training and support in Customer Services, Stock Control Systems, and many years working in Special Needs Education.

Who should attend

  • Dispensing Doctors

What you'll learn

  • How to turn on Electronic Prescription Service
  • Managing script for non-dispensing practices 
  • Benefits of ProScript Connect for dispensing practices

How to join

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You can still join us by clicking here at 1 pm on the 21 July.