PharmOutcomes Direct - CPCS Move to Provider Pays

PharmOutcomes Direct

14 Jul 2021 19:30-20:30 on Microsoft Teams LIVE

Since the launch of the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) in October 2019, NHS England has paid for accredited IT system suppliers to support community pharmacy teams with the delivery of this service.

In September 2021, the existing commissioning or payment model will change as NHS England will pass the cost of IT support to the provider i.e., community pharmacies. At that point, community pharmacies will be able to choose a provider they feel will provide them with the right solution to manage the CPCS.

This session aims to update pharmacy teams with information on the PharmOutcomes offer and how the team at Pinnacle can support community pharmacies after September 2021.

This session is the first of three that will: 

  • Prepare pharmacies for the move to the provider pays model
  • Explain the PharmOutcomes Direct offering
  • Explain how to sign up to Pinnacle to use PharmOutcomes Direct to manage CPCS
  • Answer any questions that providers may have at this stage

PharmOutcomes Direct support for CPCS

The PharmOutcomes solution has been widely used across England to manage every aspect of the CPCS service for more than 2 years.  Join us to find out how PharmOutcomes Direct can help you manage the new service model without interruption or additional work for your team.

Who should attend?

  • Community pharmacies
  • Large multiple pharmacy organisations
  • LPC teams


Bookings have now closed, you can still join us tonight by clicking here at 7:30pm.

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