An introduction to Electronic Controlled Drug Register (CDR)

13 Jan 2022 10:30-11:30 via Microsoft Teams Live

This session will highlight the key elements enabling you to record legal information related to the receipt, possession, supply, and adjustment of Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs (and Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs if configured).

The CDR Manager acts as a central hub to record any and all instances of Controlled Drugs processing. We’ll demonstrate the key areas, Weekly Balance, Items awaiting Collection, Expired Stock, Patient Return, and Inspector Log and look at the automatic triggers that will display at the point of dispensing Controlled Drugs

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Use the Weekly Balance tab to transfer, adjust, check balances, add goods in and view reports. Understand the automatically triggered CDR Dispensed Goods screen when dispensing CDs form the PMR
  • Understand the key functionality of the Items Awaiting Collection tab and know how to mark stock as expired and destroyed in the Expired Stock tab
  • Add and destroy items from the Patient Returns tab and know how to access the Inspector Log tab
  • Access the CDR online training material and FAQs from the Support Centre


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