We're accredited on NHS Scotland HEPMA framework

We're helping NHS Scotland trusts achieve their eHealth Strategy, following our successful application for the NHS Scotland Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (HEPMA) framework.

Our ePrescribing solution is available now for implementation to help you realise eHealth Strategy benefits such as:

  • risk reduction and improving quality of care through the use of intelligent systems
  • closing the loop, with greater communication between secondary and primary care.
ePrescribing - better patient care from ward

Safer prescribing with an intuitive design

Our ePrescribing system supports clinicians by supporting the way they already work:

  • prescribe naturally rather than be forced to pick a tablet/strength inappropriately
  • drug Chart Layout which is instantly familiar – saving time on training
  • discharge communication is built up automatically from the inpatient stay
  • designed for touchscreen use with a modern look and feel.

Advanced features

  • Interactive Drug Chart for Administration – see the whole drug chart, filter to focus on the doses due and administer directly.
  • Show National and Board Guidance clearly when prescribing and administering.
  • Review Dates – eg for antimicrobial stewardship.
  • Ensure the allergies information is updated at each admission.
  • Request supplies immediately when performing the drug round.
  • Provide links to intranet and internet resources for further assistance.
  • Completely integrated with the EMIS Health Pharmacy and Medicines Management modules.
  • All Pharmacy Interventions are visible to the prescriber and the nurse.
  • Track the progress of a supply request through pharmacy from the ward.

Improved efficiency

  • Quick prescribing with common prescriptions offered.
  • Easy ability to convert inpatient prescriptions for discharge without re-prescribing.
  • Full audit trail of prescribing and administration actions and patient records viewed.


“An electronic system makes investigating data timelier and removes uncertainties.”

Ruth Townson, ePMA Lead, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Read the case study here