Together we can tackle diabetes

10 Jun 2016

One in seven of us are at high risk of developing diabetes and that number is rising. Diabetes costs the NHS over £10 billion a year of which up to 80% is spent on preventable complications (Diabetes UK). Population profiling, joined-up technology and patient involvement can all help to reduce the devastating effects of diabetes.

With EMIS Web, you can:

  • identify at risk patients
  • share data across organisations for better care
  • measure performance across your locality
  • inform and educate professionals, carers and patients
  • involve patients in their own care.


Diabetes prevention can lower instances of diabetes by 26%:

  • advice, tips, forums and blogs are available at


Early detection and cost effective therapy means better outcomes and lower costs:


Sharing data for better care:

  • interoperability between primary, secondary and community organisations means everyone has a complete view of each patient’s care
  • EMIS Mobile allows community nurses to securely access EMIS Web on the move
  • Electronic prescribing allows GPs and practice nurses to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of the patient's choice.

Helping patients to self-manage their condition


Understanding your population and measuring the success of local initiatives: