Three reasons clinical services choose EMIS Web

We’re giving clinical services across areas more time for better health with EMIS Web. Here’s just three of the reasons why they’ve chosen our clinical system:

1. Delivering better care through integration

EMIS Web connects clinicians with the information they need at the point of care. By making shared care records available across organisations, it means everyone can:

  • create continuity of care across primary, secondary, community and specialist sectors
  • view a patient’s full history in real time
  • deliver high-quality and informed treatment
  • improve patient safety
  • enhance the patient experience.

Clinicians can also book cross-organisational appointments and share information thanks to clear sharing agreements and APIs. With more integrated care that joins up disjointed providers, EMIS Web is already supporting clinical services to provide better care that meets their targets and goals – like those outlined in the 5YFV.

“EMIS Web has changed the way we care for our patients. By providing shared data from across our region, it improves the knowledge of clinicians treating patients.”

Feedback from our customer experience survey

BrisDoc Healthcare Services are already using shared records to bring integrated care to homeless people in Bristol, while healthcare teams across Liverpool are making use of complete patient records to make care for diabetic patients more proactive and tailored.

“When a patient comes in for their appointment, clinicians have everything they need in front of them. There’s no reason for anything to be missed, so it can reduce errors or delays in care.”

Jan Fennell-Rutherford, Liverpool diabetes partnership operational manager

2. Meet demand by working more efficiently

From better reporting to access to real-time information, EMIS Web provides everyone across all levels of an organisation with the means to work more efficiently:  

  • instant access to patient information saves time
  • avoid duplication of tests and services in different settings
  • access EMIS Web when mobile – particularly useful for rural care
  • easily collect, aggregate and analyse data to improve services
  • improve case load management across a CCG.

“EMIS Web is very clear and easy to read. It helps me to work quickly and efficiently.”

Feedback from our customer experience survey

By improving processes and supporting more efficient care, you can meet your increasing demand while providing the best care possible. It’s something that community teams across Liverpool are using to provide faster care to patients.

“A district nurse referral form used to be five pages long. Now it's one click.”

Jenny Dalzell, neighbourhood transformation manager, Liverpool CCG

3. An easy-to-use system that supports everyone

We understand the pressures that clinicians and organisations face. That’s why we’ve designed EMIS Web with you in mind:

  • intuitive system allows you to simply gain the information you need
  • easily add additional clinical services
  • report from one organisation.

“Having used various clinical systems for over ten years, I've found EMIS Web to be very user friendly and easy to navigate around. It has made entering data simplistic.”

Feedback from customer experience survey

Our dedicated team also build strong relationships with users and are on hand to provide support. And if clinicians or other users have any questions or need information on how something works, they can find answers and help on our Support Centre.

By simplifying the way clinicians work and giving them the ability to quickly resolve their queries, we support them to focus on patients and the care they provide. 

“There's plenty in the Support Centre to allow the proactive user to learn and gain confidence in using EMIS Web. I've also had some very helpful and quick responses from the forum support team.”

EMIS Web for clinical services

Market-leading technology supporting healthcare team working in individual services and clinics

Access to all the information and digital tools they need to provide safe, efficient and effective care

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