The return of face-to-face customer collaboration

COVID may have put the brakes on much face-to-face collaboration but last week we were excited to see its return with our first face-to-face customer workshop in Birmingham. In his first blog, Richard Farrell-Smith, Group product management director, talks about the importance of customer collaborations and how there’s more to come.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 had a huge impact on our daily and working lives. But it’s interesting to note the ways in which the pandemic also brought about positive change.

Working from home has allowed some families to spend more time together, and with fewer of us commuting to and from work, rush-hour pollution will have also been reduced. In order to continue to function companies and individuals were forced to think outside the box and find new, innovative ways to transform and collaborate. This modernisation has been noticeable in the healthcare sector, with new technology stepping to the forefront of healthcare delivery.

Of course, it’s not all good news. While we may have embraced new ways of communication, nothing can truly replace the need for face-to-face interaction, whether with family members or colleagues. This is also the case with customer and colleague interaction. No matter how much time is spent on video calls, nothing can replace the need for quality time to talk in detail, exchange new ideas, deepen understanding and shape the future together.

This is why our customer workshop last week was so important.

The event was our first face-to-face, focus group style meeting with lots of enthusiastic colleagues from EMIS and from healthcare organisations across the country - including 20 NHS customers. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain a closer understanding of working practice, how the healthcare sector has changed and how patient and provider needs have changed as a result.

Healthcare provision has evolved greatly in recent years; new processes and technologies have become available. But there are still some areas where issues remain. These face-to-face sessions are invaluable in helping to ensure we address the right issues, in the right order.

The day was broken down into dynamic mini-sessions which encouraged the sharing of issues and ideas and collaboration on potential solutions to current problems. Feedback has been fantastic, with many commenting on the vibrant and pertinent discussions and welcoming opportunity to collaborate with other professionals.

“I was delighted to be involved in the day and to make my contribution to improving the experience of EMIS users throughout the country. It was enlightening to share and develop ideas with EMIS and help them understand how we can maximise our use of their software systems that have become such an integral part of my role.”

Zuhaib Keekeebhai, GP North Central London CCG.

Attendees were also able to feedback on a huge variety of areas within EMIS Web, including patient and staff communications, workforce planning, reporting, workload automation, cross-organisational working and much more.

All were in agreement that more sessions of this nature are needed going forward. So as we step into the future and work hard to deliver dynamic solutions, look out for more opportunities to work with us and, together, we can shape the future of healthcare.

Richard Farrell-Smith, Group Product Management Director

Richard Farrell-Smith, Group Product Management Director

Richard leads the EMIS product management function. He has nearly 20 years’ experience working in the healthcare technology sector with a key focus on driving forward the development of new and exciting solutions based on customer needs and insight.

He's passionate about supporting his team to develop solutions that transform healthcare delivery to address the key challenges faced across the sector.



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