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We’re committed to helping PCNs successfully transform the primary care landscape for the better by enhancing our solutions, supporting their aims and evolving alongside them.

Combine our over 30-year history in spearheading digital transformation with the fact that we’re the leading GP clinical IT system provider, and it turns out that we’re in a pretty unique position to help primary care organisations deliver truly transformational change.

That’s none more so the case than when it comes to primary care networks (PCNs). As they stand set to change the landscape of primary care, we stand committed to supporting them – and to evolving alongside them. It’s why we’re not just developing our revolutionary new clinical platform, EMIS-X, but are also turning our focus to what we do now and to the enhancements we can make to our current solutions.

We get that shaking up primary care is no small task either, which is why we’re broken down where we can help you into three key areas: operational, transformational and clinical change. Simply read on to find out how we can help you deliver better, safer and more efficient patient care.

Operational change

Collaboration is key to the success of PCNs, and at the core of collaboration lies the need for shared policies and clear communication. By supporting you to effectively manage and organise general practice, we’re here to help you work as one organisation across multiple sites – something that can relieve pressure and free up valuable time too.

Back-office management: get a better handle over non-clinical information

Our back office platform is the perfect place to start. Whether you want to share HR policies, Care Quality Commission (CQC) documentation or something else, Intradoc247 allows teams across sites to easily access, manage and distribute non-clinical information:

  • ensure information stays secure with user permission-based access 
  • stay on top of compliance thanks to fully audited information sharing  
  • take collaboration to the next level by editing documents live with colleagues  
  • simplify access – we’ll be updating Intradoc247 so that EMIS Web users can use their login details to access the system, while those with Office365 can use a single sign on.  

Digitisation: gain the means to offer extended services

Effective data management can massively improve your operations, so it’s important to consider your historic data and not just what’s coming next. By digitising your paper records, our Lloyd George digitsation service makes managing data much easier:

  • give teams a complete view of a patient’s record by using the right sharing agreements for your digital records as services spread across your PCN
  • save on costs by freeing up vital space that used to be used to store physical records
  • expand your services and create new supporting primary care roles by converting these areas into additional consultation rooms for clinical pharmacists, social prescribers and more.

Transformational change

Whether it’s by offering alternative consultation types, identifying at-risk patients or acting on analytically derived insights, technology can truly change the way primary care services are delivered. Our solutions are here to help with that, giving PCNs the means to match the needs of their patients while simultaneously developing their people and structures.

Online consultations: open a digital front door into your health and care

Much talked about over the past few years, we’re now beginning to see the impact alternative consultation types can have. Comprised of Online Consult and Video Consult, our online consultation suite means you can offer patient video consultations, health information and triage forms in order to make your own transformational changes:

  • find a way of working that suits your PCN and your patients by gaining greater flexibility
  • provide a seamless digital experience with EMIS Web and Patient Access integration
  • open up a digital front door into your care which allows patients to better communicate you, and effortlessly access your services and support.

Health analytics: make the most informed decisions

If you’re to make your service transformation truly effective, you need to make use of your data. With our analytics platform, EMIS Health Analytics, you’ll have all the support you need to make the right choices for your PCN:

  • shape effective change with site-level insights into your organisation
  • make more informed decisions around resource utilisation, appointment management, early intervention and medicines management
  • save on costs – we’ll be making EMIS Health Analytics free of charge for all EMIS Web sites.

Mobile solutions: deliver care in the most appropriate place

With PCNs opening up community services and giving primary care a much broader remit than ever before, mobile care is becoming ever more essential. By using our mobile solutions, EMIS Mobile and Anywhere Consult, your PCN can create a bedrock of mobility that that acts as solid foundation upon which they can develop their services:

  • improve patient experience by delivering informed care at a patient’s doorstep
  • support a wide range of new roles by providing access to information wherever healthcare professionals need to be
  • develop your services, whether that means offering more visits to care homes and patient homes, or making drop-in services a reality.

Clinical change

While we’re excited about EMIS-X, we know that our current clinical IT system is vital to it’s over 400,000 users. That’s why we’ve planned some key developments to EMIS Web over the next year.

Cross-organisational appointments: manage patients across multiple locations

We’ve been working to find a way to help you streamline the way you manage patients across multiple sites:

  • make life easier with centralised appointment booking: our work with NHS Digital on GP Connect means that we’ll release cross-organisational search and booking – this will allow for centralised appointment booking across other accredited primary care systems, including SystmOne 
  • reduce admin time and improve continuity of care: this new feature will also ensure patients are automatically registered at the point of booking.  

Prescribing optimisation: reduce manual processes to save vital time

With over 630 million scripts processed through EPRS2, we’ve been looking at what we can reduce the admin burden facing prescribing clinicians:

  • save practices an average of 25 hours per week: our estimates show that practices could save up to this amount when we roll out bulk authorisation of prescriptions
  • reduce manual workload and improve consistency: we’ve been working with NHS Digital on approval for the release of EPRS2 across extended hours and remote consultation services.

Clinical support tools: enhancing clinical interactions and improving patient care

Our team of clinical experts have always led the way when it comes to EMIS Web, and now’s no different. Together, they’ve been developing new tools that’ll support your clinical acumen:

  • join up ways of working and share best practice: we’ll be updating Resource Publisher to make it easier for you to share templates and tools 
  • improve the triage of long-term condition patients: make use of the clinical calculators and workflows in our new NICE and NHS England-endorsed Long Term Condition Manager tool 
  • reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation (AF)-related strokes and deaths: our AF Advisor clinical tool provides structured advice about appropriate treatment and medication for those with AF.  

Here to help throughout your PCN’s transformation

By enhancing our solutions, we’re dedicated to helping your PCN to deliver on its aims of increasing collaboration, sharing working practices and offering extended services. We’re looking forward working with you so that you can truly transform the landscape of primary care for the better.

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