Supporting hot and cold clinics with EMIS Web

NHS England and NHS Improvement have published guidance to support the national response to COVID-19. The document focuses on the need for collaboration between healthcare systems in order to redesign services and make the most efficient use of local resources - working beyond traditional roles and boundaries to deliver high quality care in these unprecedented times.

Many more patients are now being cared for remotely through phone and video consultations, but some patients still need to be seen face-to-face. To manage this safely two new approaches have been suggested in the guidance which maintain separation between patients with COVID-19 symptoms and those without:

Zoning – patients are managed by specific teams operating in designated areas of a practice.

Practice designation - designated practices within a primary care network (PCN) treat patients in contact with, or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (hot clinics), whilst asymptomatic patients whose needs are unrelated to COVID-19 are treated at separate practices (cold clinics).

Tailored solutions with EMIS Web for Clinical Services

EMIS Web for Clinical Services enables practices to work together in clinical hubs to triage and manage patients across hot and cold clinics.

Our Clinical Services solution has been designed by clinicians, for clinicians. Using this product, healthcare professionals can safely consult with patients from other local practices with a full view of their record in real time. They can also book cross-organisational appointments and use electronic prescribing (EPS), allowing local services to mitigate the risk of transmission, whilst continuing to provide exceptional care to patients.

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The below animation illustrates how you can use our solutions to manage hot and cold clinics and support different patient journeys.

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