Success through collaboration: Rewired conference

On March 4, Digital Health hosted its annual Rewired conference, taking attendees on an exciting journey through tech innovation and thought leadership in the healthcare sector.

A vast array of businesses offering digital healthcare solutions were present on the day, as well as representatives from the NHS, and customers from across the country. There was a lively atmosphere as attendees wandered the conference stands and ‘theatres’ to discover the latest in digital innovation and hear talks from industry leaders.

At the EMIS Health stand, we were delighted to be sharing our new Digital Front Door solution; offering integrated technologies to deliver quick, convenient access to services, saving time for both patients and clinicians.

In the Shared Care Theatre, EMIS Health Regional Sales Director, Paul Henderson was joined by Dr Ian Wood, Clinical Director & GP, to talk digital first connected care. Taking a dive into the EMIS Health strategy, the session looked at the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, and how leveraging digital technologies can unlock solutions for both patients and clinicians.

“We've got an increasingly digital first generation. If we don’t manage populations in a digital first way, we’re making inefficient use of NHS services.”

Paul Henderson, Regional Sales Director, EMIS Health

Paul was keen to note during his session that collaboration is key to ensuring we provide care in a more connected way. At EMIS Health, we’re “developing a partner ecosystem to provide a better service to the NHS and beyond”.  Working with our network of around 150 partners ensures we’re leveraging solutions that support the needs of our customers, to provide holistic technologies that meet demand.

The Rewired conference gave us a great opportunity not only to engage with current and prospective customers face to face, but also to connect with our valued partners. The incredible innovative work they’re doing in the digital health space is key to ensuring EMIS Health are working in new ways to provide solutions for our customers. 

Take a look below to see how we’re ensuring success through partner collaboration.


At the NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCW), the team are using primary care data taken directly from EMIS Web to power their population analytics tool, INSIGHTS Population Analytics (IPA). Integrated population and health analytics enable greater understanding of population needs across locations, and the analysis provided is used to improve the services provided and enhance patient care. The IPA tool is able to produce risk stratification and case mix analysis to inform deep dives into integrated datasets across health and social care sectors.

This health management planning has already been employed to much success. Oxfordshire CCG wanted to improve the care and reduce costs for their estimated 28,500 people living with diabetes, by creating a single, joined up service for the county. Working with SCW, the Oxfordshire CCG were able to pull from multiple sources to create a data rich dashboard, allowing them to better understand the activity, cost and effectiveness of their healthcare strategy and interventions across the whole system. Risk stratification enabled the CCG to identify diabetes patients, and enable a targeted approach to their care, with referrals to National Diabetes Prevention Programme services, improvement in structured education, and increased adherence to NICE recommended interventions, such as targeted diabetic foot care.

Working alongside NHSX and NHS Digital, the SCW team are using technology to transform the patient experience through digitally enabled care.


Visiting our API partner, Nuance, to see a demonstration of their Dragon Medical product brought to life the way that digital technologies can transform the patient-doctor experience. Their AI-powered technology enables clinicians to input data directly into the EPR via voice input, converting speech to text that is supported by intelligent predictive software. Reducing time spent on documentation by 45%, this solution enables rich, detailed narrative that is right first time, supporting clinical safety and enhancing the patient service.

At Dunkinfield Medical Practice in Tameside, the team used Dragon Medical to drive efficiencies for their ever growing patient population. With patient numbers growing steadily by 5% a year, the practice explored voice input technology after being recommended the solution by another local surgery. Until that point, the practice’s six GPs had been using digital voice recorders to dictate notes, which were then transcribed by secretaries; a lengthy process prone to backlogs. With the ability to transcribe up to 160 words per minute with accuracy rates of up to 99%, the clinicians at Dunkinfield were now able to take accurate, detailed notes that were transcribed instantly into EMIS Web. With such seamless ability to enter clinical notes, the GP’s have found that the detail they’re capturing is more detailed than before, capturing a more complete and holistic view of a patient’s story, and ultimately enabling better care.

Black Pear

Black Pear are an EMIS Health partner delivering compassionate end of life solutions through their product, Core. Using this solution, clinicians can create a rich care plan for an end of life patient in under 60 seconds that can be instantly shared with every relevant service involved. Focusing on the specifics of the end of life diagnosis, this shared care plan pulls together information from EMIS Web and other NHS settings to create a living management strategy for the patient’s care, as well as a reliable source of truth for their wishes. This ensures that at the most critical moments, clinicians have live, up-to-date information to inform their decision making.

Integration with urgent care and ambulance services via systems such as Adastra and Cleric, means that if emergency services are called for an end of life patient, Core will send over a summary of their wishes to ensure the patient’s requests are acknowledged. This includes treatment at home instead of hospital, or any potential do not resuscitate orders. Whilst this avoids unnecessary emergency admissions, it more importantly puts the patient in the driving seat when it comes to critical decisions around their care.

Clockwise from top left: Paul Henderson delivers the 'digital first connected care' session in the Shared Care Theatre, EMIS Health CEO Suzy Foster talks to event attendees, our team on the EMIS Health stand, EMIS Health clinical directors Haidar Samiei (left) and Ian Wood (right).

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