Over 100 years of general practice

Join us on a journey through over 100 years of general practice.

 You might be thinking that we’ve gone all nostalgic. But there are some good reasons behind why we think now’s the perfect time to look back on just how far general practice has come over the years. 

First, it’s because of the recent strategic focus on the need to bring about a tech revolution across health and care. And second, it’s to do with our exciting announcement of our platform that will support the next generation of GP clinical applications: EMIS-X. 
So, join us as we take an interesting look at how far general practice has come over the years. You’ll find out how general practice pre-dated the NHS, when the College of General Practitioners was royally recognised, what the future of connected healthcare looks like – and plenty more.  


With that all said and done, simply click the link below, sit back and get ready to be transported all the way back to 1911:  

Begin your journey through the history of general practice here




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