Our partners' response to COVID-19

In our effort to support the NHS aim to connect more organisations across the UK healthcare ecosystem, we now have over 140 partners accredited to our partner programme. In our current battle against the COVID-19 outbreak, there's clear value in a joined-up approach to healthcare to relieve pressure from the NHS. Below we have pulled together some of the ways our partners are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surgery Connect: supporting remote working

X-on have adapted their Surgery Connect service to support remote working. Their new GP@Home model is a telephone service focused on enabling GPs to conduct consultations either from the practice or from home.

It can be used in parallel with an existing phone system and supports:

Phone only consultations 

  • Using GP mobile or landline, click to call, including; 
  • Present practice calling line ID
  • Call recording for all calls if required
  • Click to call from EMIS Web/TPP (subject to integration)
  • Call records and recording logged against patient record  (subject to integration)

Phone and Video consultations

  • Full GP@Home package including all the above plus: softphone and option to upgrade call to video  

X-on are also offering free teleconferencing to help those at CCG and PCN level who are coordinating the local and regional response.

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Elsevier: making coronavirus research freely available

Elsevier have made all research and education on the novel coronavirus freely available to help public health authorities, researchers and clinicians to contain and manage this disease.

Clinicians will find expert, curated information on COVID-19. All resources are free to access and include guidelines for clinicians and patients. 

  • Under the Research tab, clinicians find the latest early-stage and peer-reviewed research on COVID-19 from journals including The Lancet and Cell Press. We have also made more than 19,000 related articles free to access on ScienceDirect.
  • Under the Clinical information tab, clinicians find evidence-based skill guides and care plans for treatment, safety and patient education, along with emergency prepared webinars by the CDC.
  • In the Patient resources section, clinicians can find our 3D4Medical coronavirus video, resources from the CDC and WHO, and information about Elsevier's Patient Access Program for research.

ECG On-Demand: providing mail order ECG Holter monitoring kits

ECG On-Demand provide ECG Holter analysis services for both primary and secondary care.

Over the past few months, ECG On-Demand have been live testing their postal service model with good results, and with the COVID-19 crisis they've brought forward their planned service launch. ECG customers are able to order 'Direct to Patient' Holter kits, allowing urgent 24hr to 7-day testing of arrhythmia patients to be performed without the need for them to leave their home. This service includes both delivery and collection of the device by courier.

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PatientChase: helping to identify and communicate with at risk groups

As patients with symptoms are being encouraged to stay home and self isolate, practices are taking this opportunity to proactively keep patients up to date with information about how COVID-19 affects them and the surgery. PatientChase's search and communication functions help target and communicate with specific groups at this time, via letter, SMS or email.

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iGPR: supporting medical reports through at home working

iGPR is supporting GPs, Practice Managers and Admin teams to continue processing medical reports (Insurance Reports, Subject Access Requests, etc) on behalf of patients with at-home working. As applications for Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income protection increase, iGPR ensures applications can continue being processed during this crucial time. 

iGPR is already installed in EMIS practices and can be enabled quickly and easily.

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imail: secure print centre 

The imail solution  by UK Mail, allows EMIS and NHS workers to send critical mail to patients and clients from their laptop; printed and mailed in a secure print centre within UK Mail's distribution centre. This service ensures that if a GP Practice or NHS Trust mailroom is out of action for any reason, key patient information arrives in the post two days later.

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Patient Partner: 24-hour telephone appointment booking

A new set of modules for Patient Partner have been added to offer GP Practices further tools to cope with the pressures of the Coronavirus. These include a new triage module, Coronavirus (COVID-19) default information message and Patient Partner Message Player.

The new additional modules provide the following benefits to GP practices:

  • Reduces call traffic to the reception team freeing up reception time
  • 24 Access of the service over the telephone is available to all registered patients
  • Alleviates work pressure when staff are unavailable due to self isolation or sickness
  • Triaging of patient calls
  • Self-referral information can be provided without having to speak to a receptionist
  • Integrates into EMIS WEB and works alongside web based triaging solutions

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MediData: Processing medical reports on behalf of GP practices

MediData are offering free emergency Remote Medical Reporting Service to support practices and prevent backlogs.

How does it work?

Your eMR team securely process SARs and patient information reports on behalf of your practice for DWP, DVLA, Firearms, Insurers etc. Reports are completed within seven days which means patients have access to vital information quickly and you have one less thing to worry about.

Dictate IT SWIFT: next generation digital dictation and speech recognition fully integrated with EMIS

Dictate IT has launched a new digital dictation and speech recognition solution, SWIFT, to support GPs with their correspondence and help facilitate remote working.

SWIFT incorporates mobile apps for Android and IOS and is built on the most accurate medical speech recognition engine available in the UK. SWIFT allows GPs to easily dictate clinical letters with voice in the practice or at home. SWIFT delivers a 99% accurate report in less than 20 seconds which can either be directly approved by the GP or automatically routed to the practice secretarial team. SWIFT is available completely free of charge to GPs for 3 months to support them through this challenging environment, with no contractual commitment thereafter.

  • Helps streamline transcription workflow to deal with staffing pressures and sickness
  • Unrivalled accuracy rates; handles complicated medical and clinical terminology with ease
  • Adapts to any accent, voice and style of speaking using constant neural language learning 
  • Minimal training required – start immediately
  • Free of charge for 3 months with no hidden costs
  • Fully integrated with EMIS and approved as a partner product
  • Dictate using Android or IOS on any smartphone

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Babblevoice: streamlined communications

Babblevoice have worked hard to accommodate issues raised by COVID-19, some of the changes are outlined below. 

  • A new database of prerecorded messages as dictated by NHS England, saving surgeries from having to record their own. 
  • New Wi-Fi phones allow home workers greater flexibility as opposed to being tethered to their home router. 
  • App for smartphones allows mobiles to be used as an extension to their babblevoice phone system. 

Babblevoice's no contract set up allows surgeries to take a flexible approach to their phone systems.  

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