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Check out the latest news from EMIS. We're sharing how we continue to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as becoming the first supplier accredited to enable direct appointment bookings from 111.

COVID support 

With multiple COVID vaccines going through final stages of approval, plans are now being formed to efficiently deliver these vaccines to those most in need. We’ve been working closely with colleagues at NHS England and NHS Digital, and want to reassure you that we’ve got you covered with the tools you need. 

Patient information recorded at mass vaccination centres will be sent electronically back into EMIS Web and we're creating a suite of searches, templates, alerts and protocols to help you manage your patient population. 

To find out more about the tools available and how to make the best use of them, join one of our free webinars:

COVID Vaccination Programme: How we can support | 7th December 2pm

COVID Vaccination Programme: How we can support | 9th December 10am

We also continue to work with NHS Scotland to support the ongoing need to manage COVID-19 shielding status. The next step of which will be to continue application of shielding status for patients with a new national code and to help removing flags for patients that no longer require shielding, based on data identified by NHS Scotland.

Direct electronic appointment bookings from 111

From December people are being asked to call NHS 111 before going to A&E and will be able to have urgent care booked for them. The new NHS initiative aims to ensure that patients get the right care as quickly as possible, save people long waits in A&E, and ensure emergency departments don’t get too crowded. In support of this we’re pleased to be the first supplier accredited to enable direct appointment bookings from 111. The functionality in the newly released Symphony 3.0, will enable 111 call handlers to send referral appointments directly into scheduled appointments within an emergency department, urgent treatment centre or same day emergency care environment. Find out more

Full roll out approval for the receipt of vaccine notifications

We’ve received full roll out approval from NHS Digital for receipt of vaccine notification messages into EMIS Web from community pharmacies. When active practices will receive the vaccine notification directly into the EMIS Web Workflow Manager module, via the NHS MESH service, reducing administrative burden and increasing clinical visibility. Find out more on EMIS Now.

PrescQIPP annual award winners

Congratulations Pinnacle Health Partnership and West Midlands Academic Health Science Network on winning the PrescQIPP annual award for care homes medicines optimisation. The award was give for their Transfer of Care Around Medicines (TCAM) initiative, using Pharmoutcomes to improve patient discharge from secondary care to care homes.

Upcoming virtual events

Online learning sessions

Register via the EMIS Now homepage for this month’s training sessions focusing on smarter templates and Patient Access. All previously recorded and future recorded live training sessions can be found here to catch up on at a time that suits you.

EMIS Web registration workflow activities

In addition to our regular monthly learning sessions, we’re running several live online sessions to explain the daily, weekly and quarterly actions to be done to keep up with your GP Links transactions. We'll provide an insight into the high security actions and the situations where these might be used. Plus we'll cover some of the common queries we receive including how to deal with duplicate patients. Register via the EMIS Now homepage.

Constant connection in the event of broadband failure

As summarised in a recent PSNC article, new NHS Pharmacy Regulations highlight the importance of constant and reliable access to the electronic prescription service (EPS). Constant Connect automatically connects you to your NHS network via a 3G/4G connection in the event of a broadband failure, ensuring minimal disruption to both customers and staff. Find out more.

EMIS support

Support changes for Wales

As part of our commitment to continuously improving your experience, GP organisations in Wales are now able to log cases for EMIS Web related issues directly with us, instead of logging cases through the NWIS Primary Care Service Desk. This will streamline reporting of issues through direct interaction with system specialists. Find out how to contact us here.

New service alerts

Keep up to date with any service issues and report if you've also been affected in one click by signing up for service alerts on EMIS Now.

Full integration for EMIS App Library

The latest enhancement for the EMIS App Library is now available, enabling recommendations and advice given by the clinician to the patient to be automatically filed into the patient’s care record when the recommendation text message or email is sent. Find out more about the EMIS App Library and how it can empower patients to be more involved in their own health. 

In the news

Following the release of Explorer, Alex Eavis, director of analytics, spoke to Digital Health about the impact the first product in the EMIS-X Analytics suite can have on healthcare analytics. Read the full interview here

Clinically led spotlight series

This week we're shining the spotlight on our amazing clinical team to celebrate the clinically led heart of our business. We’re lucky enough to have doctors, nurses, pharmacists and therapists working in variety of roles across EMIS, many of whom also continue to work in frontline healthcare services, meaning they not only help design our products, they use them when delivering patient care too. Head over to Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about the team and their role at EMIS.

Product updates

Primary care


New features in EMIS Web 9.9 include:

  • Virtual Smartcards – this is a digital form of the card and can be stored on a smartphone, in the cloud or on another physical device such as a secure USB key.
  • LibreOffice and Office365 solutions for EMIS Web - NHS Digital and NHSX have recently embarked on a project to make the most up to date Microsoft Office 365 products available to NHS organisations at a greatly reduced cost (these products are referred to as N365). There is also the opportunity for NHS organisations to opt for an alternative, open-source office suite of applications should they prefer.

We've also resolved a number of reported issues around care plans, digital medicines, online test requests and the application framework that was causing a memory error.

For full details, please see the release section on EMIS Now.

Online Consult

A new chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) review form has now been signed off at peer review and has been made live, in addition to the below forms which were made live last month:

  • Cardiovascular health review
  • Diabetes review (includes types 1 and 2)
  • Asthma review
  • Medicine use review 

Customers can send a link to patients asking them to complete these forms when their regular review is coming up.

All review forms are based on the long term condition templates in EMIS Web, allowing the information to be used easily to populate the templates in the patient's records.

These forms will in many cases negate the need for face-to-face assessment by providing all the information required for a long term condition review. If face-to-face or telephone follow up review is needed, the clinician will already have the majority of the information recorded and will be able to focus on key areas of identified need.

Urgent and emergency care

Symphony 3.1

Continuing on our recent launch of Symphony, Version 3.1 will be released in 2021. This release provides enhanced technical and security improvements to our Symphony product. We've replaced our dependency on legacy components like SOAP toolkit, and added enhancements such as multi factor authentication and encryption.

What else is coming in urgent and emergency care?

We’re busy working on the Transfer of Care ED FHIR discharge message. This will provide Symphony with the ability to send the standard ED Discharge FHIR message out to GP’s.

We're also enhancing our integration to NHS 111 using the latest published standards and will be adding further improvements following the first of type deployments.


GP2GP is now live at just under 400 PCS practices across Scotland. With all practices able receive cross-supplier transfers, the majority of practices can now improve their record transfer experience and data integrity for patient registrations. We're continuing to provide training at remaining practices to get them up and running with this service over coming months.

To improve the simplicity of setting up a Key Information Summary (KIS) record with the relevant historical information for a patient, we've now completed work on request RFC1035. This will make it easier and quicker for practices to pull in significant past information for patients when creating a new KIS record. This was included in our most recent Release E, which is rolling out now.

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