Meet the EMIS Scotland Team

Here at EMIS, our dedicated team both live and work in Scotland. Bringing together a combined experience of over 55 years supporting Scottish customers, we cover the breadth of our product set: from primary and community care to A&E, hospital and community pharmacy.

As the length of our service ​would indicate, we are passionate ​about healthcare IT and driven to ​provide the best possible service to our customers across all 14 health boards. From ​the replacement of GPASS to the integration of ​health and social care, to the recent COVID-19 response, and the many varied challenges in between; the team in Scotland have sought to ensure we meet the demand for healthcare IT - not just for our customers, but for the health and wellbeing of our own families too.

We are now preparing to deliver new products and innovations that lay the foundations for NHS Scotland to unlock the potential of next generation technology. Our innovations will enable clinical care driven by data, accessed on-demand and built around the patient. ​

As a team we work in line with our key supplier principles and exacting standards in providing transformative solutions; being responsible in how we deliver those solutions and look after data; acting as a supportive partner to our customer’s evolving needs; and working collaboratively with our customers. There are designed to ensure we best meet NHS Scotland’s essential current and future digital strategies. ​

We’re excited about the future technology plans at EMIS, and the opportunity to deliver these in Scotland. We very much look forward to growing the great relationships we have built with our Scottish customers for many years to come.​


Evelyn Chalk, Country Director - Scotland

An ex-NHS Scotland employee, Evelyn is an accomplished executive director with over 25 years’ experience in the Healthcare IT sector, providing IT solutions to the NHS and Independent Sector. As Director for EMIS Health in Scotland, her experience and previous roles in the sector means that Evelyn brings a drive to provide excellent solutions and services to clinicians, administrators and of course, patients.

Living and working in Central Scotland means that Evelyn has first-hand, personal experience of the healthcare services in Scotland. She is passionate about bringing the benefits the GP-IT Re-Provisioning framework with EMIS Web GP to her home country.



Mark Mulholland, Sales Director - Scotland

Mark has worked in Healthcare IT with EMIS for 12 years, starting his tenure supporting and training general practice across Scotland during the GPASS system replacement programme. Mark has since gained experience working across other parts of the UK and as the organisation grew, in other healthcare IT markets. By working closely with customers and end-users Mark understands the complexities around delivery of integrated IT solutions into a multi-system environment, but most importantly, the value that digital technology provides to clinicians and patients.

Prior to joining EMIS, Mark was a secondary teacher of Computing Studies. Away from work Mark is keen fan of live music and is an active, if not overly enthusiastic, runner.


Fiona Leishman, Account Director

With over 11 years’ experience in the Healthcare IT sector and as part of the EMIS team Fiona brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge of providing IT solutions to the NHS across the 4 nations.

As Account Director for EMIS Health in Scotland, her experience and previous roles within the business have given her a well-rounded understanding of the clinical system needs of our customers and users, as well as a passion to deliver excellent solutions and services to patients across Scotland.



Will Christie, NSS Commercial Lead

From his experience as a nurse through to time spent within a professional services organisation for Doctors in the UK, Will brings a wealth of experience to his role, along with a passion for software and IT solutions. Working from his home north-east of Glasgow, Will has been with EMIS for over 10 years. Experience from previous roles within the business have provided Will with in depth knowledge of contractual arrangements and a healthcare provider perspective, which ensure we have a diligent and focused approach to how we manage our contractual relationship and services with patients at our core.

As the Commercial Lead for Scotland, Will ensures that EMIS understands our relationship, and our obligations around the clinical systems we deliver. As the team lead for the GP IT re-provisioning framework bid, Will continues supporting the business, monitoring the progress as an integral part of the GP IT programme.


Andrew Burton, Technical Architect

Having been part of the EMIS team for the better part of 10 years, Andrew will be known to many GP surgeries across Scotland, having assisted in many migrations over to EMIS as well as supported Primary Care in an Account Management function for as long.

As the Technical Architect in Scotland, Andrew brings an in-depth knowledge of the complexity of the EMIS product range as well as the connection to ensure that all health care implementations are carefully matched to ensure success to the front-line users.



Thomas McCluskey, Product Marketing Manager

Having fulfilled various roles during his 11 years at EMIS, Tom has extensive knowledge of healthcare organisations and services across the UK. In his current position, he is fully focused as our product lead for Scotland.

Tom has vast experience in project and programme management, being responsible for deploying our EMIS Web Community, Children's and Mental Health and EMIS Mobile solutions to customers. Tom's breadth of expertise ensures that future EMIS products and services will fulfil our customer's needs and expectations.



Shaun Flannery, Service Relationship Manager

Shaun is one of our Service Relationship Managers, with almost 10 years experience in this role at EMIS. He strives to ensure the achievement of our contractual service levels and continually looks for improvements to provide robust, reliable and efficient processes to enable this. 

Shaun has responsibilities for the preparation and delivery of Service Performance Reporting and attending Service Review Meetings. He has successfully transitioned each of our national authorities, and their practices, to new framework agreements. He looks forward to applying this experience to the GP-IT Re-Provisioning programme. 



Dr Rob Walter, Clinical Intelligence Director

Dr Rob Walter is a GP partner in Dumfries, where he's been practicing for 19 years. Since 2005, he’s also worked alongside our teams, providing his clinical expertise and experience to help shape our products and ensure we deliver solutions that align to the real-life workflows of patient care and clinical interactions.

As Clinical Intelligence Director, Rob is focused on new technology based integrated decision support that concisely presents the right information at the right time to aid the clinician’s judgement. Minimising the interruptions and distractions to ensure the clinicians can focus on caring for the patient in front of them.



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