Meet Paperless 2020 targets and improve patient safety with medicine management

Our medicine management offerings provide a closed loop prescribing process, helping you improve patient safety and reduce risk whilst meeting Paperless 2020 targets.

Working together for better care

We understand that healthcare teams need to be able to work together effectively in order to provide patients with the right level of support. The use of paper notes slows down communication and illegible handwriting can lead to errors that impact patient care.

“ePrescribing is safer and frees up doctors’ time so that they've more time talk to patients about the medications they’re taking, what they’re for, why they’re important, how to take them”

Haidar Samiei, EMIS Health clinical director and consultant in emergency medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

The closed loop working offered by our ePrescribing (ePMA), eMedicines Management (eMM) and Hospital Pharmacy solutions, enable healthcare providers to digitally share information, save time and reduce the risk of human error. As medicines are the most common healthcare intervention, accounting for the second largest spend in the NHS after staffing costs, this ensures patients get the medications they need, when they need them whilst keeping costs down. And with the Government promising £75million to implement eprescribing solutions across the NHS, there’s never been a better time to invest.

Meet Paperless 2020 targets and reduce the risk of errors

Digitising your medicine management processes helps you meet Paperless 2020 targets and reduces the risk of errors. A recent Government funded report revealed that medication errors contribute to 22,300 deaths and cost the NHS £1.6billion a year. Medicine management and prescribing solutions have been shown to significantly reduce these errors, with the National Institute for Health Research (NHIR) demonstrating that the use of ePrescribing can cut high-risk medication errors by up to 50%.

50% reduction in medication errors

Seamless flow of information

Being able to easily share information across teams is crucial to medication safety and the improvement of shared care. Our ePMA, eMM and Hospital Pharmacy solutions enable the transfer of information between departments, from prescribing, to ordering, dispensing and administration.

  • Share information on stock management and finance to reduce drugs waste and the risk of errors.
  • ‘Individual Patient Dispensing’, enabling ward-held stock to be topped up and reducing the time taken to order and dispense prescriptions.
  • Ensure all relevant staff have access to necessary medication information for patients in their care.
  • Seamless interfacing with third-party IT systems.

The interactive drug chart with decision support allows clinicians to easily prescribe or make amends, while eMM allows pharmacists to clinically check prescriptions on the ward. This enables you to make sure that everything is correct before an order is received, creating a smoother workflow within the pharmacy. Full dispensing and stock control helps to manage stock cost effectively and safely dispense in a timely manner. Additional modules also support pharmacies that use robotics, or manufacture complex drugs. Back on the ward nurses have all the information that they need to safely administer without the need to track down paper notes

Closing the loop across care settings

Our complete medicines management offering can be integrated with our GP data viewer, allowing hospital clinicians to access important medical information about patients in their care. Staff can see information on allergies and conditions as well as what’s been prescribed in primary care enabling staff to make safer, more informed decisions.

Our presence across all healthcare sectors – including GP practice, community and acute services, mental health teams, community pharmacy and children’s services – makes us uniquely placed to develop a closed loop of information across the entire patient care pathway for safer joined-up working and more informed decision making at all points of care.

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