May newsletter 2021

As well as celebrating some new social freedoms in May with COVID restrictions continuing to lift, we also celebrated International Nurses day and we'd like to start this months issue with a huge thank you to all the amazing nurses that we're honored to work with at EMIS.

Free up valuable appointment time with our GP CPCS service

Our GP CPCS service allows practices to refer patients with minor illnesses into local pharmacies, directly from within EMIS Web, enabling better patient care and saving valuable appointment time for those who need it most. Supporting closer working between local practices and pharmacies, GP CPCS is saving appointment time, improving practice efficiency and delivering enhanced patient care. Find out more.

If you missed our GP CPCS launch webinar you can catch up on the recording here.

How embracing digitisation is freeing up time and space for The Tutbury Practice

We spoke to The Tutbury Practice in Staffordshire about their experience taking their Lloyd George patient records digital, hearing how they managed the process and what it’s helped them to achieve. Read their story in full here.

Stay protected with Windows 10 upgrade

Is your pharmacy still using windows 7? In January 2020 Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 meaning users will no longer receive Microsoft security updates and fixes, which could leave your device vulnerable to malware and viruses. Upgrading to Windows 10 is now more important than ever to minimise risk of data breach. Contact us to find out how to upgrade to Windows 10. 

EMIS Now re-imagined

We've re-imagined EMIS Now, check out the new look and feel and enhanced functionality today.

Cinapsis SmartReferrals: How the pandemic has changed dermatology practice across primary and secondary care

Last month in partnership with Cinapsis SmartReferrals we hosted a webinar exploring the impact the pandemic has had on dermatology practice across primary and secondary care, if you missed it you can catch up on the recording here. For more information, get in touch

How data drives digital transformation in a crisis

Our chief analytics officer, Richard Jarvis shares how we were able to innovate our technology with Starburst to help our customers provide the best healthcare during the pandemic. Read his data pandemic story here.  

Product updates

Patient Access

We have now enabled COVID Vaccine Status in Patient access. There is now a card on the Patient Access homepage to highlight the COVID vaccine status, where available and enabled by practice. Find out more

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