Making a real difference to child health

The way patient information has been recorded and shared hasn’t significantly changed over the past 20 years, leaving child records fragmented and disjointed. Our vision is to help evolve child care by making crucial health information available to everyone involved in a child’s health and wellbeing.

Unified care across settings

Whether a doctor wants to send an electronic referral or a nurse wishes to share a medical record with a team member, clinicians can quickly access electronic patient records. No matter the setting, providers across different sectors are able to update a child’s record, like school nurses, who can use EMIS Mobile to make a record of health education programmes or immunisations.

Through joined-up healthcare, clinicians across the healthcare spectrum can collectively paint a thorough picture of a child's health.

Keeping children safe

With interoperability between maternity units, GPs, secondary care providers and child health administration teams, a detailed picture of a child’s health and safety is created:

  • health visitors can easily track progress and share information with social care systems and secondary care teams
  • child protection information sharing identifies and protects children who arrive in emergency care
  • child health teams can schedule and record immunisations in EMIS Web
  • clinicians have immediate information on reports of neglect or abuse in order to intervene.

Quick and comprehensive reporting

More informed decisions can be made with standardised data-entry, giving clinicians easily understood and fully auditable information.

  • Administrative tasks are completed online, improving safety and reducing errors.
  • Child health administrators can run Enterprise Search and Reports to measure delivery against key objectives.
  • A range of reports, dashboards and data models can be created with EMIS Health Analytics.

By capturing data in a structured format, sharing information and reporting results is quick and straightforward.

Allowing parents to be more involved in their child's care

Parents and carers can become more informed about their child’s health by accessing health and wellbeing information through Repeat prescriptions can also be ordered and test results can be viewed through Patient Access. With greater insight and more information, everyone connected to a child’s health has the ability to ensure that those they are looking after receive the right care.

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