Led by clinicians to support clinicians

EMIS Health was created by clinicians for clinicians, and 30 years on we’re still clinically led.

Because we want to make sure that all our products are successfully and effectively meeting the needs of clinicians, we make sure we work with people who truly understand what’s needed. Clinicians lead a number of areas across our business, driving our product, development, clinical safety and support teams. In doing so, they help us ensure the decisions we make provide clinicians with the right tools to help patients live longer heathier lives.

Rob Walter, GP and EMIS clinical intelligence director

Haidar Samiei, A&E Consultant at Leeds Teaching Hospital and EMIS clinical director

Ian Bailey, Queen’s Nurse and EMIS senior clinical director

“We’re looking after clinicians who are looking after patients”

Rob Walter, GP.

By bringing practicing clinicians into our team, we’re able to hear what’s needed in a clinical setting from someone who’s been at the heart of delivering patient care. Working closely with clinicians helps us see more clearly what the current pain points within the NHS are and how technology can solve them. It’s their first-hand experience of what needs changing or improving that’s so valuable to us in ensuring our products do what they need to.

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