Laying the foundation for the NHS’s tech revolution with market-leading interoperability

We understand that interoperability is the key that can unlock clinical access to complete patient records. It’s why we’re so focused on continuously improving how we interoperate.

In order for healthcare professionals to make truly safe and informed decisions, they need access to a patient’s entire care record. And for that to happen, clinical IT systems need be able to talk to each other in the same language and share information – to be interoperable.

While interoperability has always been important, it’s perhaps never been as relevant as it is today. In the government’s recent ‘The future of healthcare’ policy paper, Matt Hancock highlighted that “open standards, secure identity and interoperability” are fundamental to bringing about a “tech revolution” to health and care.

We’re not only excited by the advent of this tech revolution but, as the only clinical IT system provider to work across every major healthcare setting across the UK, we’re also in a unique position to progress this tech revolution further. For over 30 years, we’ve put interoperability at the heart of what our we do because we understand that disparate records stored in disparate clinical IT systems all too often stand in the way of excellent patient care. It’s all part of the reason why KLAS named us as the UK’s number one supplier for interoperability in their 2018 Interoperability Report.

By continuing to improve our own technology’s interoperability, developing cutting-edge solutions and collaborating closely with customers and other providers, we’re dedicated to helping lay the foundations for a completely interconnected health and care landscape. 

Take a look at our infographic below to gain a glimpse at what this landscape looks like by seeing some of the amazing things we’ve already helped organisations to achieve through connected care:

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