Introduction of the Concentric digital consent application at Jersey General Hospital

Extract of impact story by Austin Gibbs and Angela Hall, Jersey General Hospital

We set out to improve the informed consent process for elective procedures. We wanted to improve the consent experience for patients, improve patient safety, and minimise the organisational risks associated with consent. We hoped the project may release staff time through an improved consent process and avoid wasted resources due to delayed or cancelled procedures, owing to lack of or withdrawal of patient consent.

Prior to the project we relied on a manual, paper-based consent process of providing verbal information to patients and obtaining their written consent to proceed. Despite new guidelines from the Royal College of Surgeons, we found that the guidance was often not being followed effectively. In some instances, this led to patients withdrawing consent, complaints and even legal team involvement. Fundamentally, we wanted to engage with and empower patients to make informed decisions about their care.

COVID-19 drove forward the need for our processes to work remotely, but also to better use our resources owing to the pressures on scheduled care. However, prior to COVID-19, work was already underway on this project, in line with our digital strategy, which focuses on the principle of ‘right data, right person, right time’.

“Patients now feel better informed, time in clinic is reduced and clinician time is freed up to focus on patient care rather than processes”

Austin Gibbs and Angela Hall, Jersey General Hospital

Having considered the available suppliers, we engaged with Concentric Health. The opportunity arose to commence a deployment pilot within the cardiology department. Rollout of the application was simple with no specific training requirements owing to the simple user-interface.

Feedback from both staff and patients has been resoundingly positive, even amongst those where we anticipated resistance. Evaluation has demonstrated that its benefits are overwhelmingly evident and Concentric digital consent is currently being rolled out across urology and endoscopy with hospital-wide rollout imminent.

Through the implementation of Concentric, patients now feel better informed, time in clinic is reduced and clinician time is freed up to focus on patient care rather than processes.

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