Helping you commission services across your healthcare economy

We can help you analyse, design and implement innovative healthcare IT across all the healthcare settings in your local area - and measure and evaluate local initiatives to meet local and national objectives, like the Five Year Forward View.

Business intelligence

With EMIS Health Analytics, you can see at a glance reports and dashboards which show activity, capacity, outcomes and long-term conditions management. Designed to help you gain essential insight into your care pathways, we can assist you in the triple aim of improving quality, reducing cost and increasing access.

We also have a range of other health analytics tools - including Enterprise Search and Reports and Risk Stratification - to help you meet your STP or Local Digital Roadmap.

  • Easily identify those most at risk of hospital admission using our Risk Stratification tool to help reduce the number of unplanned visits.
  • Quickly measure delivery against key objectives through Enterprise Search and Reports - including call and recall rates.


Whether you need to connect systems within one organisation or join up systems across a variety of healthcare settings in your local area, we can help you make sure all the healthcare professionals involved in a patient's care can access the information they need, no matter the systems used. 

We provide a range of interoperability services that can be tailored to suit your area's needs, and we also partner with over 60 companies to provide a range of third-party products that fully integrate with our software.

Mobile working

Access vital information anytime, where with EMIS Mobile. Using a tablet, you can sync information directly from EMIS Web whenever you have Wifi, 3G or 4G connectivity so your clinicians have the patient information they need, at the point of care. Don't have connectivity? Don't worry - you can carry on working by adding any new information into your tablet, then when you have connectivity you can just sync your tablet with EMIS Web to update your clinical system.

With EMIS Mobile you can:

  • securely access patient information 
  • view and book appointments 
  • add consultations with easy to use and fully configurable templates
  • and much more - find out more.

Long-term condition (LTC) management 

No matter the condition, we can help you provide proactive and effective care for patients with long-term conditions (LTCs). We have a range of products to support your with all areas of their care, including: 

  • identifying at-risk patients
  • sharing data across organisations for more informed care
  • measuring performance across your locality 
  • informing and educating professionals, carers and patients
  • involving patients in their own care.

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Patient empowerment

We can help you empower your patients and encourage them to be a part of their own health with a range of online patient services. 

With Patient Access, your patients can easily use your services online - from booking appointments to viewing test results, ordering repeats to messaging the surgery. They can also access parts of their medical record, which you control access to, and can contribute to their own health record that integrates with the information you see in EMIS Web.

New models of care

We understand that it can be difficult to work in new ways, and that it's almost impossible for you to make these changes without the right technology in place. Our range of products and services can help you introduce new models of care in your area, as stated by the Five Year Forward View. 

  • Joining up healthcare teams and organisations with shared clinical system features like care plans, cross organisation appointments and tasks, templates and remote consultations. 
  • Increasing access for patients, like offering extended hours - we can offer a range of products to help make this achievable, including Patient Access and e-consultations. 
  • Using technology to its full potential - our system experts can show you how to make the most of EMIS Web, so you can save minutes (and sometimes hours) every day by using the clever inbuilt tools designed to make life easier. 

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