Flu Season 2021/2022

Seasonal influenza affects populations annually, and is a key driver for winter pressure demand on the NHS and a leading cause of excess deaths every winter. Below, we've collated our key guidance and resources for both our primary care and community pharmacy customers to help support you this flu season.

Primary care


You can access a wide range of flu season resources for EMIS Web by following the link below to our dedicated EMIS Now site. Here, you'll find recordings of our 2021-22 Flu Season seminars, as well as guidance on the following topics:

  • Managing Clinics & Appointments
  • Identifying & Inviting Patients
  • Patient Access Flu Eligibility Checker
  • Coding & Automating Data Entry
  • Digital Medicine Messages
  • Searches & Reports
  • Unregistered Patients

EMIS Web Flu Season Resources

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Online Consult

For practices offering in-house vaccination, the flu appointment topic within Online Consult is available for practices to look at and make live at their site if they wish. In addition to extensive patient information about flu and flu vaccination, it includes a flu appointment request form. This includes confirmation of eligibility, consent, COVID-19 symptoms, contraindications, preference for arm of administration and dates the patient is unavailable.

Surgery Connect

Help to manage the influx to call volumes this flu season with EMIS Elite Partner, X-On. Their Surgery Connect telephony solution enables practices to smoothly and efficiently handle telephone traffic using the latest call centre technology. 


Our Elite Partner Mjog have released a series of new templates into their template library to help practice managers this flu season, along with templates for Covid-19 booster jabs. Every year, over 4,000 practices trust Mjog to deliver their flu campaigns. Using their barcode system, it's easy for practices to check-in patients for the clinic and ensure a smooth patient experience. Practices can download the resources for free here.


By using our Elite Partner Docmail for your patient communications, you’ll be able to implement barcodes into your messaging. This method is being adopted throughout the UK for the management of flu clinic attendance, as it acts as a tool to track and trace patient participation that can then be inputted back into the patient record. Docmail is a simple pay as you go service that provides practices with an effective alternative to printing and posting their patient communications, all in just a few simple steps - saving staff time and money. 

Arc Health

Our Elite Partner, Arc Health can help you to improve quality of care throughout the flu and winter season with remote examinations. At a time when infection-control is essential among some of the most vulnerable patient groups, Arc Health gives GPs the power to remotely examine care home patients and conduct virtual ward rounds. Unique devices aid clinicians to undertake contactless examinations, helping to reduce non-urgent care home visits. 

Hero Health

During flu vaccination season, practices have more face-to-face interactions than at any other point in the year. Booking appointments manually over the phone can take up substantial administration resource. EMIS partner Hero Health provide an online booking solution, passing bookings directly into the EMIS diary (both EMIS Web GP and Clinical Services used by hubs). Uniquely, through Hero you can generate unique bookings links (URLs), which can be made available online or embedded into email or SMS campaigns to facilitate access to particular groups (e.g., over 65s). Booking is fast, and patients can reschedule as required online. Hero Health will allow practices to handle thousands of bookings online, saving many hours of admin resource.

Supporting your patients

You can support your patients this flu season with information and guidance from Patient Access, the UK’s leading online GP services platform. 

Community Pharmacy

Patient Access for Professionals

Increase your flu vaccination bookings this season with Patient Access for Professionals (PA Pro). The easy-to-use platform allows patients to book from over 60 services at any given pharmacy registered on the app. By setting up your flu calendar start date in Patient Access for Professionals to the date that you'll be receiving your stock, patients will be able to start making bookings in advance. 

PA Pro promises to be an invaluable tool in driving demand and awareness of your flu vaccination service.

ProScript Connect

Pharmacists who wish to deliver private flu vaccine can use Service Hub Manager, an integrated module that allows you to record and deliver vaccinations seamlessly within ProScript Connect. To find out more, take a look here


We've developed new functionality within PharmOutcomes to support the delivery of your flu vaccination service this year with our new Batch Management feature, which allows you to preload vaccine information when received at the pharmacy. We've also redesigned the flu template to allow for staged service delivery, meaning the consultation form can be partially saved at each stage of the service. For more information, visit Support Centre. 

The solution is fully integrated with ProScript Connect, allowing pharmacy teams to easily access the flu template. This enables all the patient information to be prepopulated into the PharmOutcomes flu template, saving you valuable time. Watch this video to find out more about the PharmOutcomes vaccination advanced service.


The PreConsult solution allows your patients to record their personal information ahead of their vaccine appointment, simply by scanning a QR code on their smartphone or during a telephone booking. Watch this video to find out more.

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