February newsletter

There’s loads of exciting stuff happening across EMIS Health this year and we’re introducing this newsletter to help keep you informed and to celebrate in the successes of colleagues working across healthcare.

We expect this newsletter to evolve as we progress throughout the year, so please share your feedback. We’d also love to hear from you if you have a story that you’d like to share.

Wuhan coronavirus what you need to know

Read the latest advice about the Coronavirus on Patient.info.

For more best in class, peer-reviewed content for GPs and practice staff, visit the Medical Professionals section of Patient.info and add it your favourites.

Clinicians' view

For our clinicians it’s easy to see the direct impact that our solutions have on our customers and their patients. As well as understanding how our products work ‘in the real world’, our clinical teams help us understand the context healthcare teams work in and how technology has, and will continue to, change their practice.

In their most recent articles two of our clinical directors look at how technology has developed over the last decade and consider the potential for the future.

Congratulations to Dr Farzana Hussain

At the end of 2019 one of our customers, Dr Farzana Hussain, was named GP of the year at the General Practice Awards. We’d like to congratulate Dr Farzana for her achievement and take the opportunity to share some of the amazing things that Farzana and the team at Project Surgery in Newham are doing to provide a better experience for both patients and staff.

Delivering better, joined-up training services

2019 was a busy year for our training team who delivered over 2,800 onsite training sessions and answered over 3,500 queries on the customer forum and via social media. To support you even better in 2020 we’ve made some big changes, joining up our internal and field-based training teams. This brings together all of the teams who create online training content, answer your forum questions and deliver face-to-face training, into one team headed by Lisa Babb.

We’re going to be spending the next few months focussing on the content and quality of our training to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible service and look forward to getting out to see you in person.

Improving our online support

We’ve been busy making some improvement to EMIS Now. Many of your queries can be resolved within minutes which is why we’ve added a frequently asked questions area to the EMIS Web section to help you get answers quicker.

We’ve also launched Live Chat. We understand that your time is precious and Live Chat offers greater convenience when you need help. The service can be found on the homepage of EMIS Now. Once signed in you’ll see a speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner of the webpage. Click the icon to start a chat with an adviser who’ll be able to assist with your queries. Save time and try Live Chat today.


GP IT Futures

We support the vision and objectives set out by the GP IT Futures programme and are committed to supporting you through the transition from the GP Systems of Choice Framework to the now live GP IT Futures Framework.

EMIS Web was the first compliant Foundation System to be awarded on the GP IT Futures Framework and working with NHS Digital we’ve ensured that the services you rely on are covered under the new Framework.

We understand that changes to funding, order processes and operational activity can be confusing, but we’re here to help.

AF tool endorsed by NICE

Our new Atrial Fibrillation Anti-Coagulation Advisor Tool – AF Advisor – has been endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Available for free in the EMIS Web Library, the tool analyses patient data to help accurately calculate and monitor the correct doses of anticoagulant drugs, helping to reduce the number of patients suffering stroke and other complications.

Celebrating apprenticeships at EMIS Health

February began with National Apprenticeship week and to help celebrate we’re delighted to share Subah Khan’s story.

On the road

We attended over 50 events across the country in 2019 and 2020 is looking set to be an even bigger year for us, giving you more opportunities to engage with our teams.

Dr Ian Wood, one of our clinical directors, spoke about how technology can support PCNs at the BMA’s Primary care networks, what’s next? conference.

Next we're at Digital Health Rewired at London Olympia on Wednesday 4 March, where we’re sponsoring the shared care theatre. If you’re attending the event come and speak to us on stand F10.

For our friends in Scotland, we’ll be exhibiting and speaking at Futurescot’s Digital Health and Care 2020 on the Thursday 30 April – come and say hello.

Product updates

Community care

National Data Opt Out

National Data Opt Out has been integrated into extracts, audits and Search and Reports and will be available in 9.7.

Care plans

You can now select frequency when choosing a review date within care plans. Assigning an action creates a task in the workflow with the ability to link documents to reviews, custom outcomes and reasons and create blank care plans

EMIS Mobile

EMIS Mobile users will now have the ability to view care record data in graphical formats.

Primary care

Appointment booking

In our commitment to supporting NHS Digital deliver the GP Connect programme and a more joined up NHS, EMIS Web users will be able to open up their appointment books to any other accredited system. If you’re in a region that has been setup by NHS Digital, you’ll also able to book into any other GP system.

GP Web Solutions

We’re relaunching GP Web Solutions with new functionality, including Google Analytics, and improved, mobile friendly designs.
Existing customers will be migrated to the new solution in the coming weeks with no action required.


We're very happy to announce that 100% of EMIS Web GP practices in England are now using SNOMED CT.

PCS Scotland product updates

We’ve delivered a substantial system change to standardise codes used for “Do Not Attempt Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation” being recorded via the Key Information Summary (KIS) screen and shared through the Emergency Care Summary (ECS).

We’re now able to provide the Scottish government data for uptake of flu and shingles vaccinations as part of Health Protection Scotland.
We made several changes in order to make EMIS PCS run on a 2016 server to ensure that the product is supported on modern hardware.

Coming soon…

Over the coming months we’ll be rolling out Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Phase 4 within EMIS Web.

Click here for more information.

Urgent and emergency care

The new Symphony Web Viewer will allow teams to access a read only view of Symphony patient records online via a web application.

Hospital medicines management

Both Hospital Pharmacy and ePMA are now 64bit Windows 10 compliant, enabling easier printing. We’ve also upgraded a number of our interfaces, including Prescribing, Dispensing and FMD.

Community pharmacy

Our new Clinical Service Hub enables pharmacists to carry out Patient Group Directions (PGDs) within ProScript Connect.

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