Enhancing clinical consultations with EMIS partner PatientLeaf

PatientLeaf scans EMIS for all the information needed about a patient’s condition and presents it on one screen as a filtered timeline of the patient’s entire medical history.

Centered on medications, long term condition management and highlighting high risk patients, PatientLeaf consolidates the information you need at the time you need it. In a world of information overload, PatientLeaf’s simplified patient notes provide focus, enabling pharmacists, GPs and nurses to make faster, better clinical decisions.

PatientLeaf in action

Broadway Health Centre is a large, urban primary care centre where the benefits of PatientLeaf were quickly realised by the clinical team and its patients. Dr. Aslam, senior partner, explains.

Dr Manir Aslam MRCGP, MBChB, BAO, BA, DPD. GP Partner Broadway Health Centre. GP Director SWBCCG.

“As PatientLeaf provides all relevant patient information on one screen, we find that if offers significant benefit in terms of time saved and improved quality of chronic disease care.”

Dr. Aslam


“The GPs here have access to PatientLeaf on all their desktops and find that it significantly enhances clinical consultations. The single view looks at combined entries which mean enhanced consultations for acute and chronic diseases reviews.

The software provides a single view of disease progression over the timeframe of the clinical record. It highlights exacerbations (including use of antimicrobials and steroids, diabetic control, hypertensive control), magnifies the view of treatment escalations for exacerbation prevention and gives a view of rationale for treatment changes and a variety of treatment options. This enables us to follow the appropriate treatment guidelines and highlights areas where guidelines have not been followed. Additionally, correspondence regarding specific outpatient and unplanned admission reviews is shown on the same display.

Using PatientLeaf’s diabetic module, patients’ diabetic management is obtained in a single view, including all of the three NICE targets (hypertension, cholesterol, diabetic control). One example found was an erratic blood pressure control since cessation of one of the drugs. This would have been very difficult to establish just from the clinical record itself.”

Clinical pharmacists

“The clinical pharmacist finds it invaluable from the perspective of medication reviews, compliance issues and treatment escalations and de-escalation. We have had clinical pharmacists with interest in COPD, asthma, diabetes and hypertension using PatientLeaf. Across the board, it’s agreed that the single view gives them the best opportunity to follow guidelines.”

Nurse practitioners

“Again PatientLeaf is crucial in a variety of environments, including disease progression, treatment escalations and de-escalation, and the rationale for change of treatment options is great as a learning tool. The diabetes, hypertension, asthma and COPD modules have so far been the most frequently used. Our nurse practitioners find it particularly beneficial in hypertensive management through the ability to escalate and de-escalate treatment where appropriate. When supervising, I (as a GP) can easily access the information and support educational learning for the development of our clinical staff.

The health promotion module is great for those patients classified as shielding, showing a patient’s health promotion values in terms of cholesterol, blood pressure control and smoking cessation therapies. The asthma module shows frequency of antibiotic use, frequency of steroid use, information regarding disease progression, treatment options tried, escalations in treatment and compliance. In cases where treatment has been escalated or deescalated, PatientLeaf displays the relevant point in time in the clinical record which explains the rationale for that treatment change.

Although it is possible to collect this information from the clinical system, it would take significantly longer and be more cumbersome.”


“PatientLeaf leads to upskilling of healthcare assistants, showing them which treatment escalations/de-escalations should be focused on. It also highlights gaps in data collection including for example, the 8 care processes. My healthcare assistant is undertaking physicians associate training and completing the Warwick diabetes program. This supports her learning and helps to understand the rationale for clinical management changes.”


“Our administrators coordinate our call and recall program and benefit from being able to look at areas like drug compliance and health promotion, leading to a recall of patients that are exacerbating. PatientLeaf highlights to staff the necessity to code all consultations appropriately, including incoming documents through our workflow management processes.”

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings

“The practice runs multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs) in respiratory medicine and diabetes. The respiratory MDTs have benefitted significantly from PatientLeaf, the app highlighting areas of poor control, disease progression and appropriate use of guidelines driving escalation and de-escalation.”

Respiratory MDT

“We have ongoing community-based MDTs with a respiratory consultant, respiratory specialist nurse and our practice team made up of a GP, clinical pharmacist and nurse. With this format we were able to review 23 high risk of referral patients in three hours. 13 of these patients subsequently did not need to be referred following this MDT intervention.”

Diabetes MDT

“All of the parameters described in the respiratory MDT are mirrored in the diabetic setting.

PatientLeaf’s presentation of a patient’s medical record makes it easy for patients to be involved in understanding why the 8 care processes (including blood test, urine sample and foot exam) are collected, making them feel part of the planning process for their future care. Again, this significantly increases the quality of care we provide and a patient’s compliance going forward”.

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