EMIS Partner of the Year Awards

Introducing our first winners of the EMIS Partner of the Year awards.

The inaugural EMIS Partner of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate the success and achievements of our partners and the impact their services have on our customers and their patients

The awards are centered around our new EMIS Customer Pillars:

  • Empowering Patients
  • Connecting Healthcare
  • Optimising Resources
  • Medicines Management

The Pillars are a way for us, and our partners, to focus on what is important for our customers, to ensure that our thinking is always customer centric. Our Customer Pillars help us in our bid to delight our customers every day and shape the way we position and develop our products, services and solutions.

Suzy Foster, EMIS CEO was joined on the judging panel by Dr Sarah Jarvis, MBE clinical director at Patient.info as well as a practising GP, medical writer and broadcaster and Vanessa Young who is a Practice Manager, Chair of the EMIS National User Group, advisor for NHSD and an EMIS user for over 10 years. They both brought their invaluable knowledge and experience to the panel to help with the difficult job of picking the winners for each category from an excellent pool of submissions.

Empowering Patients Partner of the Year: Technomed 

Technomed's ECG On-Demand solution allow patients to undergo heart monitoring from home through the use of self-test kits. As well as reducing the number of hospital visits the service, which integrates with EMIS Web, has reduced diagnosis times to below pre-COVID-19 service delivery times and the easy, effective processs has resulted in an enviably low 2.6% re-test rate.

Connecting Healthcare Partner of the Year: Black Pear

Harnessing EMIS Web and AWS to revolutionise connected care across Somerset CCG - Black Pear's solution ensures records are accessible no matter where or when they're needed, updated in real time which is particularly effective in End of Life care to ensure patients decisions are honored and everyone from district nurses to out-of-hours services are working off the same live plan.

Optimising Resources Partner of the Year: Arc Health

Arc Health's remote examination technology allows GPs to easily manage care home patients from their surgery. Clinicians can remotely listen to heart and lung sounds, examine ears and throat, and record observations - delivering quality care whilst limiting the number of care homes visits requited.

The solution can save 400 ad-hoc visits per year in an average care home. That's 400 hours per care home at a cost saving of £44,800 per year.

Medicines Management Partner of the Year: CSIS Health

CSIS provide fully automated, real time technology solutions that identifies and prevents inappropriate prescribing associated with adverse drug events (ADEs) at source in all healthcare settings.

Across Greater Huddersfield CCG the scheme is expected to have saved £132,997 in prescribing costs and up to £202,000 in reduced admissions. 50 Level 3 and 4 alerts were resolved by GPs along with approx. 2,500 alerts of less severity being recorded.

COVID Customer Champion of the Year: Ardens

Chosen by Vanessa Young on behalf of the NUG, a firm favourite of customers and the NUG, Ardens solutions are designed to increase productivity, save time, improve clinical safety and maximize income.

Their exceptional COVID-19 response included making resources available, free of charge, to all GP practices which helped them understand guidance around Clinically Extremely Vulnerable patients, resources to assist in remote consulting and vaccination resources that have helped to accurately plan clinics, invite patients and understand performance.

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