EMIS Health & X-on Webinar | Telephony During COVID-19

Catch up on the first in a series of Partner Webinars; exploring how cloud-based telephony, like Surgery Connect, can enable efficiencies during these unprecedented times.

Surgery Connect from our partner X-on is a secure cloud-based telephony solution that integrates fully with EMIS Web, enabling GPs and CCGs to save time and money whilst managing patient demand. This solution, developed by GPs and practice managers, enable effective triage and management of patients with features such as patient identification, one click calls, call recordings and self-serve optionality.

With GP@Home, X-on bring their Surgery Connect solution to clinicians working remotely, enabling them to achieve the same benefits through their own mobile or landline. We hosted a webinar with X-on to help our customers find out more about these products, and how they could be implemented to improve practice efficiencies.

Webinar Q&As

Are headsets provided? If not, are the handsets USB compatible as I already have a USB headset?

Yes, you can use softphones (through PC) and headsets. These are provided or you can use your own. For home workers, they can also associate their mobile phone or landline to the account. 

Is the message kept within the patient's records?

The messages are saved within the portal and the patient record if you wish for this to be done.

Can Surgery Connect be integrated for use at PCN level?

Yes this is Integrated into EMIS so if you wish for this to be used on a PCN level this can be tailored to your requirements.

Are there based on report results, tips for practices to support better manage demand and reduce work activity in general?

Yes we can provide tips based on your call volumes. A report can be raised through out the week in order to look at the busy spells and we can tailor the system to your needs in terms of efficiency & better patient experience.

Is the holiday calendar purely for staff working in X-On or does it populate into EMIS?

The calendar will be available for all staff in which are based on site. The Calendar is a separate to EMIS. The Surgery Connect calendar system also allows events to be added to the inbuilt calendar
which will automatically alter the way your system handles calls. At the highest level this will control the hours of operation of your surgery as a whole. 

Does the GOLD service also apply during situations like COVID-19?

Yes we will provide Gold Service Standard with the solution.

Given telephony problems tend to be spotted at open and closing, support would be desirable 0730-1830. Does that cost extra?

There will be no additional cost for the feature, we will tailor the system to your requirements.

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