EMIS Health and SymlConnect Webinar | How digitised clinical forms can support during COVID-19

Catch up on our latest in a series of Partner Webinars; exploring how digitised clinical forms, like Syml_Patient+, can support in-practice and remote patient monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Syml_Patient+ enables patients to complete digital questionnaires whilst visiting their practices, or remotely before attending a consultation. At the practice, patients use practice touch screens, or their personal mobile devices (smartphones/tablets), whilst for Remote Patient+, patients open a secured email link on their own mobile devices. In both cases, they view and intuitively respond to pre-assigned questionnaires, fully including them in their healthcare pathway.

In partnership with SymlConnect we hosted a webinar to further explore their solution and how it can support during the COVID-19 pandemic, catch up below. 

Webinar Q&As

Asthma reviews is a good idea but new QOF requires checking of asthma technique. Can this be done via SymlConnect?

Physical checks can’t be done directly through SymlConnect but many practices are using video consultations [EMIS Video Consult] for examinations and to check technique.

Asking the patient to complete the majority of the Asthma review questionnaire (or any chronic condition) beforehand, significantly reduces the time spent on the phone or video consultation. Checking the technique could also be undertaken by other qualified personnel.

SymlConnect can also display simple instruction videos and embed video links with the questionnaire via the remote monitoring email and send any queries back to the clinician

What's the time frame on SMS? We have a large proportion of patients without email/internet because of age, finances or residential care setting.

We are enhancing the Remote module to include SMS as we speak. This should be completed shortly and will be made available for any new purchases.

Can the questionnaire only be sent by email? Is it possible to text a link as well / instead?

We are enhancing the Remote module to include SMS as we speak. This should be completed shortly and will be made available for any new purchases.

If we already have a text system, such as Accurx?

AccuRx Chain is a great SMS tool, but it does not have the in-depth capabilities of SymlConnect and will only work on SMS – SymlConnect will work in-practice (on smartphone), email and SMS (to be released soon).

There are some other practical benefits:

  • SymlConnect allows groups of questionnaires to be sent, not just individual messages;
  • The patient responses from an SMS will need to be seen by a clinician and then saved individually into the patient record, the SymlConnect system does it automatically saving lots of time; and
  • SymlConnect automatically flags at-risk patients or those requiring further assistance, speeding up the review process. Individual SMS messages will need to be reviewed individually to assess and take a long time.

It looks as if patient email needs to be manually entered into SymlConnect? Can the API not auto-pull through the patient email form EMIS? Looks likes lots of double data entering

Presently, the interface into EMIS Web does transfer email addresses and telephone numbers. Information can be imported and once created, the data is saved for repeated use within the system.

Does adding an email address in SymlConnect write-back the email into EMIS registration details?

Patient demographic details, email addresses and telephone numbers are only allowed to be manually entered in the EMIS Web registration form by EMIS. The auto-update on registration form is presently not available

Is SymlConnect listed on the (English) GP IT Futures catalogue? Will make a massive difference around procurement at CCG and at PCN level.

The SymlConnect solution can be procured through EMIS. SymlConnect are in the process of inclusion into the GP IT Futures next phase.

Looks like the SymlConnect dashboard is clear and concise. But it is yet another dashboard for us to contend with. Given SymlConnect is an 'EMIS Partner' can the dashboard not appear within the core EMIS Web system so we don't need yet another app open?

The dashboards are currently built is to provide easy access to managers and admin without having to log into EMIS Web.

So if a practice is 14000 patients - then is double the fees you are saying?

No, we have a pricing model with an annual license and a per patient fee. There is a sliding scale depending on the size of the patient population or multiple sites.

Currently we are offering a 35% discount to support practices get on board quickly at a cost of less than £5 a day for both remote and in-practice (or clinic) data collection. The return on investment should be realised very quickly through time and cost savings.

What is the commercial model for pharmacy? Are they provided with an IPAD which is 4G enabled as lot of pharmacies do not have Wi-Fi

Regarding the commercial model. In Wales, the Health boards appoint Pharmacies for this part of joint monitoring and apparently Pharmacists are keen to be on board as payment comes directly from Health Board. For example, this project is with 3 Health Boards including over 90 pharmacies.

Regarding pharmacies with no Wi-Fi. This particular project was created on android tablets and SymlConnect deployed our offline data collection module, DynaForms. The data is collected offline and secured within the device. When the Pharmacist connects to a network they can select the records to upload.

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