Effective Practice Management: Top tips from our training team

Effective practice management is vital to better handle how you manage documents, workflow, and communication process whilst eliminating time-consuming admin tasks. Using a range of technologies that work together, you can reduce everyday pressures and improve the patient experience.

Our training team have provided some practical tips to help you work more effectively while providing the best care possible to your patients.

Workflow Manager

This module enables you to manage all your tasks and those of other users. We would initially check their tasks numbers, if these are high, we will need to identify if there are training issues as to why this is the case.

Workflow Configuration –

  • Folders – Folders in workflow config are an underutilised tool, you can create folders to separate different task types in order to organise and manage your to-do lists as an individual user.
  • Default send to – Set up default send to tasks as an organisation or as an individual, this will help you save time by auto-populating a team for specific tasks.

Quick Codes and text

Once a quick code is set up in either workflow or CR config it can be linked to another code, this code could then be the trigger for a protocol. Let's use Flu Protocol as an example -

Quick Code – Patient consent is given for seasonal influenza vaccination – Short code (Flu). This code is then added to the flu protocol's trigger to launch the correct protocol when the clinician starts consultation.


Most practice managers will be familiar with or might have had training for the population reporting module, however, most will not have used the patient list or report/aggregate report function within this module.

  • An excellent example to use for reports would be to build a QOF Auto report style report. This report would incorporate all QOF sections under a different column header and rename them to the registered name. Once done, rather than including the code term/date, change to the option of "Exists" to populate a yes/no response. Doing this will show you all the patients on any QOF register and the patients in multiple.
  • Patient List – This functionality enables you to merge two patient search results together to create one list in order to use other population functionality (batch add code/ protocol/ mail merge).

Organisation Configuration

This module is always useful to revisit once the practice is live with the practice manager. It's a module that could be overlooked once the initial set up of prep days. What could be worth revisiting is how to deactivate staff members once they have left the practice, identifying which areas that may need visiting before you can deactivate the user, and how to resync cards for users.


This is another module that is overlooked once the practice is live. With the roll-out of the COVID vaccine protocol, adding the medication to the patient record pulls out figures for the number of vaccines taken in surgery, if any.

GP Workflow Tool

Highlighting the GP workflow tool and the benefits of using the new modification to the practice, such as filtering on slot types and users.

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