Delivering transformative solutions: BMA PCN Conference

Dr Ian Wood, EMIS Health clinical director and GP, reflects on his experience attending the recent BMA PCN conference.

Shrewd planning or serendipity? The timing of the BMA Primary Care Network (PCN) conference fell perfectly for its audience as the dawn broke on the newly revised and broadly welcomed GP contract agreement between the General Practice Committee and NHS England. The palpable sense of refreshed excitement in the room, after weeks of widespread frustration, was immediately apparent as leaders in healthcare convened to hear from experts and learn from peers across the country.

Speaking alongside Masood Nazir (Associate CCIO NHSX), I had the opportunity to talk about the new and upcoming features within our flagship product EMIS Web, including GP Connect, Digital Front Door and Analytics. We’re excited about our developments, and fully committed to supporting PCNs to work collaboratively, at scale and with all the operational insight and intelligence of other modern industries.

This was followed by a demonstration of our future; the EMIS-X platform. It’s one of the first times we’ve delivered our exciting vision to an audience of NHS leaders, showing how our modular, cloud-based platform driven by open standards, will enable performance, reliability, security and scalability like never before. This ambitious and transformative commitment to healthcare generated real buzz within the audience, and we were able to answer some great questions about how our services can support organisations striving for collaboration, interoperability and innovation. An evolution for EMIS Health; a revolution for UK healthcare.

Buoyed by the improved and agreed GP contract, collaborative working was at the forefront of conversation for most PCN and CCG leaders. There was huge interest in the exhibitor auditorium about federated working across both clinical and administrative functions. It was clear from the PCN clinical directors that engaged with us that there are original and unique initiatives being planned up and down the country, and it was a fantastic opportunity to explore how our solutions could help them to be realised.

PCNs have been somewhat of a hot potato over the last 12 months, but the dish finally seems to be cooling and those being served are gearing up to get going. Each collaboration will be looking to lead and learn with a locally sensitive and focused design and here at EMIS Health, we’re well placed and eager to help them find their way and deliver solutions that work for them.

Ian Wood (right), joined by Haidar Samiei, consultant in emergency medicine and EMIS Health clinical director (left). 

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