Delivering care closer to home

The changing way in which care is delivered is reshaping traditional systems and generating a growing demand for quick and easy access to healthcare. In addition, patients are now seeking alternative settings such as community-based settings over hospitals.

Delivering care closer to home can eliminate the increased demand on hospitals, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs. It can also help make a big impact on patient experience and satisfaction.

Technology can help meet the ever-changing demand on healthcare teams and provide new ways of delivering services closer to home. Remote solutions such as EMIS Mobile, Arc Health and SymlConnect, can equip community health teams with the tools needed to provide faster support to patients in their homes.  

EMIS Mobile

Access core elements of EMIS Web via a tablet or smartphone both online and offline with EMIS Mobile. The seamless and intuitive app enables healthcare professionals to view patients medical record, schedule appointment, and access supporting documents such as test results when visiting a patient in their home. With the roll-out of EMIS 6.0, users now add up to three photos to the patient record.

With quick and easy access to patient information, it's already helping nurses at First Community Health and Care transform the patient experience.

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Arc Health

With EMIS Elite Partner, Arc Health, you can perform clinical examinations with care home patients from your surgery. The solution remotely manages the health of care home residents by undertaking virtual rounds, minimising care visits, and reducing hospitalisation.

This remote examination technology can help clinicians save time and improve the patients access to care.

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Our partner solution enables patients to complete digital questionnaires remotely from the comfort of their homes. With SymlConnect's Patient+, patients can view and intuitively respond to pre-assigned questionnaires.

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