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From April 2022, NHS England will pass the cost of IT licences to the provider and pharmacists delivering the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) will be required to pay for their own IT system.

The change in funding means Pharmacists can now choose an IT system they would like use to deliver this service.

PharmOutcomes is the leading CPCS solution and has supported pharmacists to deliver CPCS in England since the service was launched. Choosing PharmOutcomes as your IT System means you can continue to provide the service with no disruption when the change takes place.

PharmOutcomes Direct, our new online portal, makes it quick and secure for you to sign up to PharmOuctomes for CPCS. This portal makes it easier to switch to PharmOutcomes or ensure your service is not interrupted if you're already using the system. 

CPCS Update

As part of a service expansion planned by NHSE, on the 1 November 2020, GP referrals to community pharmacy became part of the national CPCS service. These referrals will be for patients suffering from minor ailments only. Under our new model, pharmacies will not be charged for GP CPCS referral follow-ups completed when these referrals have been sent using one of our integrated solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select PharmOutcomes as my service provider?

You can sign up now to use PharmOutcomes as your CPCS solution of choice by entering your details here, simply fill in the form and one of our team will be in contact with you.

We are creating a portal called PharmOutcomes Direct, a new solution for CPCS sign up and management. With PharmOutcomes Direct, you can easily access your invoices and system features. We will keep you updated when this becomes available via our homepage.


How will I pay for the licence if I choose PharmOutcomes as my system supplier?

PharmOutcomes will be a pay as you go model, meaning you only pay when you use the platform to deliver CPCS. There is no annual fee and no set-up fee. The charges are based on a tiered structure, the more referral follow-ups are completed, the more the rate reduces, saving you money.

Once signed up, you will be asked to provide your Pharmacy details and a signed direct debit mandate. Payments will be taken by direct debit monthly, depending on the number of follow-up records completed.

Alternatively, pharmacies can sign up to an “Affinity Group”. These Groups manage CPCS for their members, allowing them to gain lower rates as the group activity determines the cost and not the pharmacy activity. Find out more about “Affinity Groups” and what they can offer here.

What support is PharmOutcomes providing to help understand what is happening with this change?

The PharmOutcomes homepage will be our main source of information, please check it regularly for updates on the change.

What are we doing to support this service expansion?

We’ve worked closely with the EMIS Web team to develop a new tool called Patient Signposting, which allows GP teams to send GP CPCS referrals directly from their clinical system into PharmOutcomes, click here to find out more. For GP practices using other IT solutions, we can activate PharmRefer, click here to see how it works.

PharmRefer is a web application used to securely manage referrals to pharmacies. These referrals will be made available to all pharmacies irrespective of their chosen IT system. You will not be charged for this type of follow up.

We have also created a dedicated GP CPCS template to record referral follow-ups sent by NHS mail. This template can be found in the PharmOutcomes service sidebar of your “Services” page. These referrals follow-ups are chargeable under the new model.

Will the way I get paid for CPCS change from 1 April 2022?

No, all successfully completed referrals claims will be sent by PharmOutcomes automatically to the NHS BSA, this could either be from NHS 111 or a GP Practice. Claims will be automatically populated into the Manage Your Service (MYS) Portal at the month-end.

The pharmacy will be charged monthly for referral follow-ups completed after 1 April 2022.

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