Best practice prescribing during COVID-19

In the midst of this global health crisis, our general practices are operating under enormous pressure. Whilst COVID-19 poses an unprecedented threat, the ongoing needs of patients remains ever present, leaving many practices under strain to meet demand.

At this time, we urge you to consider the tools at your disposal when it comes to prescribing. Digital technologies can make a huge impact in alleviating pressure for your practice, reducing admin workloads and practice footfall, and eliminating unnecessary appointments. In order to reap these benefits however, there’s an onus on each practice to enable the functionality. Below, we’ve detailed what your practice needs to do to unlock the value of paperless prescribing solutions.

Enabling Patient Access

Using the Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS), patients can request repeat prescriptions online, which can then be sent directly to their GP, and on to their nominated pharmacy. With no need to visit their GP, EPS can help reduce exposure to COVID-19 for both patients and practice healthcare professionals. Please note to use EPS currently a patient must have a nominated pharmacy attached to their record.

To support the current pandemic, we’re expediting our release of EPS Phase 4 which will allow patients to retrieve prescriptions from any pharmacy. This will be particularly useful for patients without a nominated pharmacy and will aid business continuity in the event a pharmacy is forced to close.

Patients can access EPS through Patient Access, enabling a convenient service that saves practices time. With the ability to order repeat prescriptions online, or via the Patient Access app, patients can take control of their healthcare needs at this time and reduce pressure on GP receptionists.

To take advantage of this service, each practice must enable the functionality in EMIS Web. Take a look here to find out what you need to do.

Implementing Repeat Dispensing

With Repeat Dispensing, prescribers can authorise a batch of repeat prescriptions with one signature. For patients with chronic conditions this service not only provides convenience but reduces both admin and GP time at the practice. Repeat Dispensing can be issued via EPS, encouraging current social distancing measures. This service works particularly well for seven day prescribing and dosette box patients.

To find out more about how you can implement Repeat Dispensing, take a look here.

Enabling Pharmacy Requests

If you’re an EMIS Web practice with a local ProScript Connect pharmacy, our Medicines Manager module is another way you can enable paperless prescribing at this time.

Medicines Manager enables pharmacies to electronically send repeat prescription requests on behalf of the patient, directly into the EMIS Web GP system. When a medication request is received via Medicines Manager, GPs can then approve or reject the medication in the same way they would with a Patient Access request. Once requests are approved, the prescription can then be issued electronically via EPS.

This solution provides a convenient service for patients, particularly for those who are less savvy using online technology, such as the elderly.

Crucially, both the EMIS Web GP practice and the ProScript Connect pharmacy must enable this functionality in order for the solution to work. To find out how this can be done on both sides, take a look here.

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