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Check out what's been going on across EMIS Health in August.

First GP system supplier to upload 100% Summary Care Record (SCR) Additional Information

We're pleased we were able to support NHS Digital by uploading 100% SCR Additional Information, enabling health and care professionals to have better medical information about the patient they are treating at the point of care. Find out more here.

Outcomes4Health flu solution demo

As flu season approaches we want to help you prepare. If you're based in England and work within primary care or commissioning, join one of our virtual demonstrations for the Outcomes4Health flu solution for pop up clinics and drive through centres.

Join for free and boost your flu season bookings

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacies now have the additional challenge of managing their time and availability this flu season. Patient Access for Professionals is a fully interactive calendar booking system and customer acquisition tool for pharmacies to help do just that. Find out more and sign up your pharmacy for free here.

Championing interoperability with first of type interface

We've been working in partnership with AllScripts to develop a first of type interface between AllScripts Sunrise and the EMIS Health Hospital Pharmacy product. Through this new digital prescribing and dispensing interface, healthcare professionals working in hospitals can provide a safer service that both saves time and reduces the risk of the wrong medication being supplied. Find out more about our new interface here.

EMIS NUG conference: "Tomorrow's Practice, Today"

EMIS National User Group is delighted to announce the 26th annual conference - the first to take place virtually - is scheduled for Thursday 24th September. The conference will look at the tech response to the COVID-19 crisis, and how practices will be moving forward with new ways of working. Look out for information on how to register your free place coming soon. 

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Product updates

Primary care

Generic FHIR Receive - emergency supply of medication 

We've been awarded Full Roll Out Approval (FRA) for the emergency supply of medication under the Generic FHIR Receive programme. We're working with NHS Digital to roll out to all of our EMIS Web customers providing a significant benefit, as GPs will receive electronic notifications if an emergency medication is supplied to a patient from a pharmacy, allowing them to take action and update the patient record.

Online Consult

We've made the following bug fixes and product enhancements:

  • Improvements to viewing the Online Consult form with the grey text replaced with black text for easy reading
  • Bug showing the number of forms in error fixed
  • You can now look back one years’ worth of Online Consult data in the reporting module for organisations or organisation groups

We've made the following topic and forms updates:

  • Coronavirus query topic updated with latest guidance
  • Dizziness and vertigo topic updated with latest guidance
  • New flu vaccination appointment request Form soon to be available
  • New whiplash topic available
  • Mental health topic updated with latest guidance
  • Depression topic updated with links to mindfulness, dealing with stress and information on depression content

What we're working on next:

  • Image upload in Online Consult & Patient Access
  • This will give the ability for the patient to upload one image as part of a form submission
  • Organisations will be able to setup their own topics with the ability to upload an image
  • The image will be located in the form send to the practice for viewing
  • All current Forms will be reviewed and if appropriate the image upload capability will be added

Community Pharmacy

ProScript Connect – PharmOutcomes Integration Phase 2: Flu Service

Following the success of PharmOutcomes Integration Phase 1, ProScript Connect is now ready to integrate with PharmOutcomes for the provision of the 2020 Flu Service (starts 1st September 2020). The whole service can be initiated quickly and easily by the patient via the Patient Access app, saving pharmacist admin time and providing a more efficient service to patients. 

EMIS Mobile

We've added the ability to add a referral and discharge a patient within EMIS Mobile. These changes mean that users no longer have to return to base to complete these tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of infection through unnecessary interactions.

In our push towards paperless working and a paperless NHS, we also added the ability to record a consultation for a patient whose record has not been downloaded onto the app when the user is working offline. This would previously have always been done with pen and paper and then added electronically at a later date. We hope this will save our users a significant amount of time.

In our next update (v5.4) we plan on delivering the ability to edit, end and delete care plans. We'll also deliver the latest in a series of HUG enhancements, prioritised by our community customers, that allow users to quickly select their CDB number instead of having to type it out every time they log in.  


We have added the following features to Patient Access:

  • Remote Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are now available on Marketplace
  • Patients now have the ability to opt in for push notifications for non GP appointment reminders and clinician cancellations in order to keep themselves more informed.
  • Patients now have the option to provide a reason for booking a generic non GP appointment.

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