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  1. 12 May 2014

    Technology lifeline for patient safety

    During a six month period in 2013, over 40,000 patients experienced "significant" harm while in NHS care. Over 700,000 patient safety incidents were reported in total.

  2. 07 Apr 2014

    Will the 'Better Care Fund' mean better patient care?

    In 2015/16, health and social services will get a pooled budget of £3.8 billion for the express purpose of helping them work more closely together to deliver a 'Better Care Plan' - in other words, to help them implement a joined-up approach to patient care. The question is: can it be done?

  3. 06 Mar 2014

    Healthcare needs a personal touch

    Healthcare should be "predictive, preventative, precise and personal" - so says Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow and general manager of Intel's Health and Life Sciences Group. I couldn't agree more.

  4. 18 Feb 2014

    E-prescriptions change the game for acute trusts

    As NHS England begins to allocate its £260m technology fund, there are many game changing benefits of electronic prescribing for acute trusts, writes Shaun O’Hanlon.

  5. 27 Jan 2014

    Don't forget the pharmacist

    As a passionate advocate of joined-up patient care, I have long been concerned by the omission from discussions about the future of the NHS of a key healthcare profession - pharmacy.

  6. 24 Oct 2013

    Caldicott review: Put integrated care into action

    Introducing the technology to make Caldicott’s “duty to share” a reality is an imperative for the NHS, says Shaun O’Hanlon. He outlines the rewards and pitfalls of data sharing across the service

  7. 12 Aug 2013

    Why pharmacists are the missing link in integration

    Joined up care must include pharmacists to be effective − and that means more than just using an electronic prescription service, says Dr Shaun O’Hanlon.

  8. 13 May 2013

    Beyond apps: how to deliver mobile healthcare

    Mobile working holds many benefits for the NHS, but success depends on finding the right solution, says Dr Shaun O’Hanlon.

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