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  1. 02 Sep 2015

    Frailty care: home is where the health is

    Just a few weeks ago, news broke that Gill Pharaoh - a healthy 75 year old retired nurse - had chosen to end her own life at a Swiss suicide clinic. Whatever your stance on euthanasia or assisted suicide, for me the story raised another very important question. Can our health service truly support an aging population?

  2. 30 Jun 2015

    Charity partnerships, empowered patients and the future of the NHS

    "The future health of millions of children, the sustainability of the NHS, and the economic prosperity of Britain all now depend on a radical upgrade in prevention and public health". It's a statement clear in its message and blunt in its truth.

  3. 29 Jun 2015

    Paperless NHS: how to transform hospital IT

    Progress towards the goal for a paperless NHS by 2020 has been too slow in the acute sector. Shaun O’Hanlon looks at the challenges and solutions for transforming hospital IT.

  4. 26 May 2015

    Seven-day NHS pledge faces age-old issue

    There is one story dominating healthcare headlines right now - the government's pledge to deliver "a truly seven-day NHS". It's a commitment we all welcome in principle, but with dwindling GP numbers, tight budgets and concerns over existing primary and secondary care workloads, it has prompted a collective eyebrow raise and the question, 'how'?

  5. 14 Apr 2015

    Patient-centric policy means better healthcare

    "Integrated care has to be the future" - my thoughts exactly. But on this occasion, not my words. The message was delivered by Baroness Hanham, Chairman of health sector regulator Monitor, at a recent Westminster Social Policy Forum event.

  6. 03 Dec 2014

    Give doctors the confidence to deliver joined-up care

    Joined-up healthcare is something we all want and the NHS needs. Enabling the disparate elements of our healthcare system to work together and share information will save time and money and ultimately benefit patient care.

  7. 28 Nov 2014

    HealthKit makes citizen health a reality

    I am, and always have been, a strong advocate of personalised health - an approach that empowers patients to be part of their healthcare program, not simply a recipient of treatment. It's why I'm incredibly proud to be part of an initiative that takes this ethos to a new level.

  8. 24 Nov 2014

    Data sharing: step out of the technological dark ages

    Patients want it and the technology exists to do it securely, so why are people still unable to take full control of their medical records? Shaun O’Hanlon explains.

  9. 18 Aug 2014

    A new era of citizen health is shaping the future of care

    As the government presses on with plans for online health services by 2015, Shaun O’Hanlon discusses how we can all seize control of our health and care through technology.

  10. 08 Jul 2014

    How data can reduce visits to A&E

    In June 2014, hospital accident & emergency departments recorded their highest weekly attendance figures since records began. This unusual peak (figures usually dip in the summer) is a sign of the increasing strain facing the NHS, which is under huge financial pressure and shouldering the burden of an ageing population.

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