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We pride ourselves on being pioneers in healthcare software and services and are always looking at future technologies and new ways of working to make sure we develop ground breaking services which benefit patients and healthcare professionals. Here you can explore our latest thought leadership articles.

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  1. Dr Ian Wood on digital therapeutics & the EMIS App Library

    Dr Ian Wood takes a look at how the uptake in digital technologies, brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, may inspire an uptake in digital therapeutics.

  2. April newsletter

    In this month's newsletter, we'll be taking a closer look at the resources and support we have in place to help healthcare teams respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

  3. Supporting hot and cold clinics with EMIS Web

    Find out more about how EMIS Web for Clinical Services can support local collaboration to effectively triage and treat patients in hot and cold clinics.

  4. Our partners' response to COVID-19

    In our current battle against the COVID-19 outbreak, there's clear value in a joined-up approach to healthcare to relieve pressure from the NHS. In order to support our customers, we have pulled together some of the ways our partners are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. Best practice prescribing during COVID-19

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've put together some information on how paperless prescribing can both alleviate pressure on GP surgeries and help patients and healthcare professionals alike with social distancing measures.

  6. How digital services and data can fight COVID-19 by Dr Shaun O'Hanlon

    Digital services have a key role to play in the fight against COVID-19 – enabling the rapid creation of a digital front door to primary care such as pop-up clinics, video-only surgeries and online triage.

  7. Supporting community pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic

    We’re dedicated to helping pharmacies work efficiently and safely during the COVID-19 crisis. Our digital solutions can support your pharmacy to manage workloads, whilst minimising risk of exposure and transmission for both the public and your team. We've collated our key information, support and resources to help manage your response at this time.

  8. Supporting remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the working landscape for many across the country. We’ve put together the key information on our remote working solutions to enable you to continue to care for patients, wherever you're based.

  9. March newsletter

    Welcome back to our second newsletter of 2020

  10. Supporting the NHS response to COVID-19

    As leader of our coronavirus response team we hear from Ian Bailey, clinical director, district nurse and Queen’s Nurse, on how EMIS Health is committed to supporting the NHS through this crisis.

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