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We pride ourselves on being pioneers in healthcare software and services and are always looking at future technologies and new ways of working to make sure we develop ground breaking services which benefit patients and healthcare professionals. Here you can explore our latest thought leadership articles.

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  1. 14 Jun 2018

    Digital Health's special report: medicines management

    Digital Health's special report looks at digital medicines management, with contributions from EMIS Group's chief medical officer, Dr Shaun O'Hanlon.

  2. 12 Jun 2018

    Meet Paperless 2020 targets and improve patient safety with medicine management

    Our medicine management offerings provide a closed loop prescribing process, helping you improve patient safety and reduce risk whilst meeting Paperless 2020 targets.

  3. 06 Jun 2018

    Releasing the power of data in community services

    As digital records become more common in community services, clinicians can use data to reshape and improve services, argues Ian Bailey.

  4. 30 Apr 2018

    NHS tech: let’s walk before we run

    Forget the ‘shiny new thing’, it’s the basics of a digital NHS that will transform the service, writes health tech chief medical officer Dr Shaun O’Hanlon.

  5. 28 Mar 2018

    Dignified, personalised and safe end-of-life care

    With our clinical experience, specialist knowledge and technical expertise, we can help you to make your palliative services dignified, personalised and safe. It’s part of how we’re working to ensure that everyone can live well towards the end of their lives.

  6. 06 Feb 2018

    Recommendations for your end of year spend

    We can help you analyse, design and implement innovative healthcare IT across all the healthcare settings in your local area - and measure and evaluate local initiatives to meet local and national objectives, like the Five Year Forward View.

  7. 27 Dec 2017

    Prevention is better than cure

    From helping people who’re at risk of developing type 2 diabetes change their lifestyle to safeguarding children, we’re supporting care providers to intervene before more serious issues arise.

  8. 27 Nov 2017

    Getting the right false medicines directive technology – on time

    EMIS Health has been a leading voice in the discussions on getting the right IT in place in time.

  9. 29 Aug 2017

    Improving health through data analytics – it can be done safely

    Using patient data to improve health is a tricky area, but it can be done safely and responsibly, writes health tech chief medical officer Dr Shaun O’Hanlon for the NHS Confederation.

  10. 18 Aug 2017

    Three reasons clinical services choose EMIS Web

    We’re giving clinical services across areas more time for better health with EMIS Web. Here’s just three of the reasons why they’ve chosen our clinical system.

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