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We pride ourselves on being pioneers in healthcare software and services and are always looking at future technologies and new ways of working to make sure we develop ground breaking services which benefit patients and healthcare professionals. Here you can explore our latest thought leadership articles.

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  1. How can we help older people leave hospital?

    I spent some time when younger nursing in elderly care. The NAO report immediately took me back to Mount Vernon Hospital, Barnsley, in the 1970s.

  2. ‘Fail fast and fix' – why NHS IT needs to approach risk differently

    A visit to the US highlights some important lessons for how the NHS can make the most of new technologies to transform services.

  3. Usability – the real holy grail of healthcare IT?

    At the heart of Bob Wachter’s book ‘The Digital Patient’ is the message that usability is a key enabler to clinical adoption of electronic records. We live in a time where usability is king; Apple and Alphabet (Google) have been so successful because they have a single focus on the customer experience.

  4. Real healthcare innovation always answers a simple question

    Healthcare has always been synonymous with innovation. From ground-breaking pharmaceutical treatments and surgical procedures, to cutting edge technology and software designed to prevent, diagnose and treat ill-health - the opportunity to create something that truly helps people is a driving force that has attracted leading thinkers, scientists and inventors - many of them here in the UK.

  5. Three ways EMIS Health technology is helping to improve patient outcomes

    Duane Lawrence, managing director of EMIS Health secondary care highlights three ways in which EMIS technology is working for better patient outcomes

  6. Our role and responsibility in helping to prevent more tragic deaths

    I’m sure many of you will have read the tragic story of William Mead – a 12-month old child who tragically died from sepsis which was missed by GPs, out of hours services and NHS 111. But it’s not just William – some 44,000 people die from sepsis every year in the UK, and it is estimated that a third of those could have been saved by better awareness and earlier treatment.

  7. Are wearables helping the right people?

    One in ten people in the UK has now used wearable devices, smartphones or apps to track their health and wellbeing. The figure is around one in five for millennials. Given my firm support for any technology or innovation that supports patient-centric healthcare this is - to me - a very pleasing statistic. However, it also requires broader context, which is in part provided by a recent report from UK innovation foundation Nesta.

  8. Divining with data: the future of predictive health

    Does the word ‘psychohistory’ mean anything to you? If it does then it is likely you have at least a passing interest in mankind’s ability to predict the future.

  9. Transforming healthcare by 2021

    “Patient care is still fragmented and major change is needed – underpinned by radical new ways of working if the NHS is to survive its daunting budget deficit and £20 billion efficiency savings target. In my view, it is time for the healthcare IT industry to step up and become an agent for change, a partner with clinicians and citizens in re-engineering health and healthcare. Smart technology can revolutionise healthcare – it’s time to unleash that potential.”

  10. Tech will never replace GPs... but it will make them more accessible

    How long does it take you to get an appointment to see your GP? If simply asking this question has set your pulse racing and temper soaring, take heart. Technology is coming to the rescue.

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