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We pride ourselves on being pioneers in healthcare software and services and are always looking at future technologies and new ways of working to make sure we develop ground breaking services which benefit patients and healthcare professionals. Here you can explore our latest thought leadership articles.

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  1. 23 Sep 2019

    Supporting your primary care network

    We’re committed to helping PCNs successfully transform the primary care landscape for the better by enhancing our solutions, supporting their aims and evolving alongside them.

  2. 28 Aug 2019

    Enhancing MDTs with technology

    By using effective and integrated technology, we can break down the challenges multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) face to make it easier for them to deliver the expert, continuous and collaborative care that they provide so well.

  3. 28 Aug 2019

    Improving how MDTs in the community deliver holistic care with technology

    While multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) in the community play an important role in ensuring patients are cared for in their own homes rather than a hospital, the work they do can be incredibly complex. But technology can simplify this, and help MDTs work together to deliver truly holistic care.

  4. 28 Aug 2019

    Personalised, integrated and coordinated care: supporting MDTs to do what they do best

    Delivering unified, holistic care from across services and specialisms, the work multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) complete is essential to many patients with complex needs. We’re here to make it easier for these teams to do what they do best with technology that ties everyone closer together.

  5. 15 Aug 2019

    Laying the foundation for the NHS’s tech revolution with market-leading interoperability

    We understand that interoperability is the key that can unlock clinical access to complete patient records. It’s why we’re so focused on continuously improving how we interoperate.

  6. 28 Jun 2019

    Can technology help relieve pressure on primary care?

    Can technology help relieve pressure on primary care?

  7. 27 Jun 2019

    We’re helping hospices to support more people in their own homes with mobile technology

    Coordinating end-of-life care can be complicated at the best of times. But by using our technology, healthcare professionals are able to work together to support people’s physical, social and wider holistic requirements in the place of their choosing.

  8. 26 Jun 2019

    Technology can help us to achieve gold standards for hospice at home services

    Ensuring that end-of-life patients’ wishes are met is of the utmost importance. Yet despite 82% of people saying they want to die at home, 50% die in hospital. If we’re to close that gap, we need to make use of technology and shared patient records.

  9. 04 Jun 2019

    Led by clinicians to support clinicians

    EMIS Health was created by clinicians for clinicians, and 30 years on we’re still clinically led.

  10. 21 Jan 2019

    How to make sure your organisation is FMD compliant

    The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) comes into effect from 9 February 2019. To help you become fully compliant, here’s a handy guide to what the FMD is, how it impacts you and what solution is right for your organisation.

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