Using technology to improve patient care in East Cheshire

East Cheshire NHS Trust has been using EMIS Web and EMIS Mobile to improve the quality and sensitivity of the care they provide to patients.

With EMIS Web, the community teams in East Cheshire Trust are able to share patient information with GPs and other healthcare teams in order to provide safer and more effective joined-up care.

Having worked with us for a number of years, Jackie Lucas, healthcare systems manager for East Cheshire Trust is also one of the co-founders and current chair of the Healthcare User Group (HUG). The HUG gives EMIS Web users a space and community in which they can share expert tips and knowledge to get the most out of the system. Additionally, it provides users with the chance to work with us to influence the future developments of EMIS Web.

“EMIS Web has grown with us. They’ve committed to us, they fund our meetings and they’re listening to us.”

Jackie Lucas, healthcare systems manager for East Cheshire NHS Trust

Improving the experience of both clinicians and patients

The district nurses working in East Cheshire have been able to save time and cut down on travel by combining their use of EMIS Web with EMIS Mobile. Now they no longer have to leave home to get their diary for the day, nor do they have to travel to and from their base between home visits and appointments. Instead they can access and update their appointments and notes on the go.

Patients also receive more informed and accurate care, without having to repeat their history and information, as it can all be viewed and accessed on the nurse’s tablet using EMIS Mobile. For palliative patients this has been extremely beneficial as repeating their information or recounting their medical history can be difficult and often traumatic. By having that information available at their fingertips, nurses like Andrea Byatte – a lung cancer specialist with Macmillan Nurses – can spare them that trauma and still provide tailored and supportive care. It also means they can quickly and easily answer any questions the patient may have, significantly helping to reduce their anxiety.

“It makes the patient journey a lot smoother and a lot less traumatic for them.”

Andrea Byatte, lung cancer specialist, Macmillan, East Cheshire NHS Trust
Community district nurse with EMIS Mobile

EMIS Web for community care

Allowing community healthcare providers to access, share and update vital information in real time.

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