Using technology for a better experience for both patients and staff

The Project Surgery in Newham is using technology to create a better work-life-balance for staff and a more positive patient experience by reducing the length of time spent on admin tasks.

Since the practice opened in 2003, the team have been constantly innovating to find new ways of improving the patient experience and making the jobs of their clinical and admin teams easier to manage. By bringing in a range of technologies such as Online Consult, Video Consult, EMIS Web, Anywhere Consult and Patient Access, they’ve been able to drastically improve the way the practice works and provide a digital front door to healthcare.

“"It's given us our sanity back."”

Dr Farzana Hussain, GP, The Project Surgery

Without technology to help manage their workload more effectively, clinicians at the practice found that they were constantly fighting for time and would often end up staying late at the practice to finish admin work. Now, every member of the team says they have a better work-life-balance thanks to the support and time saving benefits of technology.

Technology has created a digital front door to the practice’s healthcare services and made it much easier for a variety of patients to access the services they need. With Video Consult, there's no need for patients to travel to the practice for an appointment, making it much easier and more convenient for them to be seen by a doctor from a private location that suits them.

The practice is also able to provide safer and more reliable prescribing thanks to EMIS Web and Anywhere Consult. Now, prescriptions can be sent electronically to the patient’s chosen pharmacy, making it easier for them to collect their medications and reducing the risk of paper prescriptions being lost.

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