Submitting commissioning data sets saves time and improves accuracy

Intelesant Limited are using EMIS Health’s CDS Translation Service to accurately prepare commissioning data sets (CDS) for submission.

Intelesant Limited develops platforms for the capture, storing, and sharing of secure data across the health economy from outside the NHS N3 network into the N3 system. They also provide physiotherapy services through NHS contracts for Any Qualified Provider (AQP) and a locally developed community education programme, supporting patients with pain symptoms.

Intelesant Limited submits Outpatient data from one of their AQP contracts on a monthly basis to the NHS Secondary Uses Service (SUS). Each submission consists of approximately 100 items. To ensure that Intelesant Limited are funded correctly for the services that they are providing, it is essential for CDS’ to be submitted accurately and on time.

Saving staff time

EMIS Health’s CDS Translation Service translates CDS data into the required XML format for submission to the SUS, saving time for staff and improving accuracy. All CDS message types are accepted by the service, whilst enabling the use of either Net Change and/or Bulk update protocols.

Louise Rogerson, Director of Service Development at Intelesant Limited, commented “We researched the options presented on the SUS advice page, we rang around a few companies but found EMIS Health to be the most supportive and friendly. They offered substantial support with our data management prior to submission which no other company did. They seemed to understand the challenges of a small company.”

Outstanding customer support

Louise noted “The customer support has been outstanding, always available. We have had no issues with the translation service, but there have been other external issues – EMIS Health has helped with those even though it wasn’t their issue. Service above and beyond which has been greatly appreciated, all delivered with good humour which makes all the difference in a stressful situation.

All staff are extremely knowledgeable and supportive, all requirements have been dealt with promptly. I would recommend EMIS Health, as their service is outstanding, and the product is effective.”