Speeding up lengthy processes with a switch to EMIS Web

Hazelwood Group Practice and Arbury Medical Centre in North Warwickshire CCG migrated to EMIS Web in May 2019 and have already been seeing positive outcomes of the move.

Changing clinical systems can be daunting for general practices. But when practice managers, like Mandy Roche at Hazelwood Group Practice, tell you that “moving from our old system to EMIS Web was like upgrading from a Nokia 3210 to an iPhone 10,” it’s easy to see the benefits of moving.

A straight-forward switch for minimal disruption

When you’re working in a busy GP practice, you and your team need to be able to keep up with workload and continue to meet patient needs during your clinical system migration. That's why we focus on making each switch as straightforward as possible. Because switching to EMIS Web is so simple, there’s little down time for the practice too, meaning they can continue to support patients as normal.

Not only do we make sure the go-live day goes smoothly, we also provide expert EMIS Web trainers to support you throughout every stage of your migration – something Mandy and practice manager at Arbury Medical Centre, Tina Storer, found invaluable.

“We had the same trainer all the way through, which was great in terms of continuity. It meant we could build a rapport with the trainer and she knew who needed some extra help and was there to offer support with that.”

Tina Storer, practice manager, Arbury Medical Centre

Plus, our familiarisation service gave both practices the opportunity to configure EMIS Web for their teams and get used to using the system before their go-live date. Mandy explained that “moving across was so easy, all the configuration was done beforehand via the familiarisation service – which is something no other clinical service offers.” With access to EMIS Web before the system went live in the practice, Mandy was able to create rotas and put in place all the necessary permissions which she said made the move “seamless.”

Minimising challenges with a user-friendly system

Any change can be challenging, especially when it takes place in a busy environment such as a general practice. “With our migration to EMIS Web, within a week people had got their heads around the system so there was minimal disruption to the practice,” explained Mandy.

Like Hazelwood Group Practice, Arbury Medical Centre made the decision to switch to EMIS Web because they wanted a system that was more user friendly. Many of the GPs had “previous experience with EMIS Web and found it much cleaner and straightforward.”

“EMIS Web has much better work capabilities in comparison to our previous system”

Tina Storer, practice manager, Arbury Medical Centre

A lot of the ease of EMIS Web comes from the fact that it “has so much more functionality. It’s just so intuitive and user friendly,” Mandy told us. Tina also commented that the GPs at Arbury Medical Centre “really like EMIS Web because it’s intuitive with clinical practice, which is really important.”

Saving time on lengthy tasks

EMIS Web’s advanced and intuitive features not only make the system easier to use, but also save practices and clinicians time. Mandy told us that her team have found the templates and pre-populated searches to be a huge benefit for them. "I can pull a template together in three seconds and everyone in the practice uses them now. It was such a long process before, but now it’s so simple” she explained.

The templates have been useful across several of the practice’s services, including 72-hour ECGs, 34-hour blood pressure readings and minor operations. It means that clinicians and nurses can automate a lot of their admin and note taking, which saves time, reduces the risk of human error, creates safer patient care and provides more accurate recording of results.

“Pre-populated searches are also great. We can search for things like how many patients are on Warfarin in an instant which would have previously taken me hours.”

Mandy Roche, practice manager, Hazelwood Group Practice

Better business continuity

Using EMIS Web has also made it much easier for the teams to find the information they need whatever device they’re using. “EMIS Web is so much better from a business continuity perspective,” Tina told us. “You can log onto EMIS Web at a neighbouring practice and see your own practice data. It’s all set up ready to use.” As a result, Arbury Medical Centre now has the ability to work more collaboratively with local practices also using EMIS Web and provide services from any location should they need to.

An exciting future ahead

Even though both practices have only been using EMIS Web for a few months, they’re both excited about what the future holds now that they have the system in place. “Even though we’re only in the early stages of our move, we can see the potential already and believe EMIS Web will support us in meeting practice needs in the future,” commented Tina.

“It excites me knowing what we have the ability to do now.”

Mandy Roche, practice manager, Hazelwood Group Practice

There have been so many benefits in such a short space of time that the practices can’t wait to see what a future with EMIS Web has in store. In fact, Mandy has been so bowled over by the possibilities provided by EMIS Web that she told us “I can’t even imagine going back to the old system now. I’ve spoken to another practice and told them that EMIS Web will revolutionise their life.”

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