South Warwickshire GP federation transforming care for the over 75s

South Warwickshire GP Federation (SWGP) is using Enterprise Search & Reports to provide holistic clinical reviews for those aged 75 and over. The reviews provide an in depth assessment of each patient, and identify proactive measures to help maintain good health.

Frail patients and those in poor health are offered further support in partnership with Age UK Warwickshire, who undertake a thorough assessment covering wider issues including the ability for the patient to self-care, their access to transport, financial well being and safety.

This means comprehensive reviews are then carried out that complement each other and improve patient care. Care coordinators in each practice are working with ‘care navigators’ from Age UK to ensure a personal review, specific to the individual.

“I would definitely recommend Enterprise Search & Reports. It has helped us to transform services for the over 75s in our area”

Tim Morris, practice manager, Waterside Medical Centre

How is Enterprise Search & Reports helping?

  •  SWGP can run reports on 31 practices in South Warwickshire so the practices don’t have to do it themselves – representing a huge time saving.
  • If any components from the clinical review are missing, practices quickly update the patient record. Previously this was a very time-consuming task using spreadsheets.
  • SWGP provide the CCG with instant access to practice data so evaluation of initiatives  happens instantly.
  • Over 75s receive improved care – leading to better health and social care outcomes.

Tailored, proactive care for elderly patients

Enterprise Search & Reports has helped SWGP redesign services and they now provide more tailored, proactive care for elderly patients. A&E and non-elective admission rates for patients aged 75 and over have reduced since the project launched.

“I would definitely recommend Enterprise Search & Reports.  It has helped us to transform services for the over 75s in our area”, explained Tim Morris, from South Warwickshire GP Federation.