Revolutionary software pilot EMIS Web for Pharmacy enables GPs and pharmacists to give better TB care

The pilot of EMIS Web for pharmacy is enabling a community pharmacist and a GP to improve care for patients with TB in Newham, east London – which has the highest incidence in the UK, at seven times the national average.

EMIS Web for Pharmacy is the first clinical system in the UK to enable pharmacists to read and write to a shared patient record with GPs. Piloting the software, the pair have a 100% success rate in completing Latent TB Infection (LTBI) treatment to patients, while saving hours of admin per week.

“It has been really revolutionary for my work. It has saved my practice up to two hours a week in admin, it helps the patients, it improves the working life of GPs and I think it helps the health economy as a whole”

Dr Farzana Hussain, GP, Project Surgery

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