Realising the benefits of Lloyd George digitisation at Penrose Surgery

Meeting paperless NHS targets and transforming general practice

Penrose Surgery and their digitisation journey

Penrose Surgery (NHS Southwark CCG) is already seeing a positive impact by undergoing digitisation of their Lloyd George records. The group have more than 80 staff across 4 locations in South East London, Penrose Surgery is located in Southwark London, an area which has a steadily increasing patient list. Whilst the digitisation project at Penrose Surgery is still in progress, the practice has already repurposed the space that was used to archive the paper records. The group also has two other surgeries in Lewisham who have undertaken digitisation with us, in addition to this Sunil Gupta, managing partner is “only expecting the benefits to increase post-attachment to the patient clinical record.”

This forward-thinking approach has facilitated the practice to implement strategies which is helping them deal with the subsequent pressures on patient flow.

View the videos below to hear how digitisation has benefited Penrose Surgery and learn more about the business impact digitisation is already having on the surgery.

Saving time and driving efficiencies

The team at Penrose Surgery have seen significant improvements in a number of areas across the practice. In particular they have found that clinicians have more time for care and the productivity of workflows for both clinical and non-clinical staff have improved.

“Time spent by our non-clinical team in managing and searching for paper records can now be repurposed for other valuable tasks.”

Karan Kalucha, operations manager, Penrose Surgery.

Making the most of valuable space

As the pressures grow on general practice to provide more services for expanding patient populations, excessive storage of physical files can be a drawback. It can be both costly and time consuming to try and expand or relocate a surgery. By freeing up existing space with digitisation, practices are able to modernise and embrace new technologies without a pricey estate transformation.

“By digitising all our paper records, we can reconfigure our storage space, creating two consultation and treatments rooms.”

Karan Kalucha, operations manager, Penrose Surgery.

Enabling safer, more effective care

Providing safer care and reducing risk is of the upmost importance for any healthcare provider. This often involves clinicians having access to all the information they need, when they need it. Digitisation helps to enable better access to patient info at the point of care, in line with the NHS Five Year Forward View and Paperless 2020.

“Having digital files allows me to pick up potential historical red flags or allergies which are of a clinical and safety importance.”

Dr Sarah Hawxwell, clinical director and GP, Penrose Surgery

Reduce costs and relieve pressures

Space is expensive and with many practices seeing an increase in population, the pressure to expand and gain more space is growing. This can be costly for practices and can leave some struggling for the space to offer their full range of services. Digitisation can help relieve some of these pressures.

“If you grow by 10% of your list size you can’t suddenly grow your surgery by 10%. Therefore freeing up space which you already have is of enormous benefit.”

Sunil Gupta, managing partner, Penrose Surgery

Digitising your Lloyd George files brings a number of benefits across different areas of general practice. From freeing up much needed space to releasing more time for care, digitisation is making it easier for healthcare providers to provide great quality care and save time and money.

Our ROI calculator on the Egton website can help you identify what you could gain in financial and property ROI through the digitisation of your files.

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