Providing joined-up care with GP Connect

We supported the first go-live of the GP Connect programme in Leeds, supporting more informed and joined-up care across the city.

As a company, we understand the importance of integrated working – it’s why we were ranked as the UK’s number one supplier for interoperability in the NHS interoperability 2018 report, from KLAS. We’ve worked closely with NHS Digital on the GP Connect Programme which will allow GP practices and authorised clinical staff to share and view GP practice clinical information and data between IT systems. Our work on GP Connect will help to ensure that vital patient information is available to relevant clinicians at the point of care. It’s all part of what we do to help everyone live longer, healthier lives.

Better interoperability for improved patient care

With GP Connect rolled out across Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, clinicians throughout the hospital are able to view up to date and real-time information about patients in their care. Now, they can “get rich GP data directly to the clinicians in the hospital when they need it,” explains Dr Alistair Walling, the chief clinical information officer for Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

The ability to view GP data during hospital consultations is “revolutionary” explains Dr Haidar Samiei, clinical director for EMIS Health. With the most recent patient notes and information available at their fingertips, clinicians are able to make more informed clinical decisions and deliver safer, more accurate care. It also allows them to deliver care in a sensitive way as they’re more informed about a patient’s circumstances than ever before.

Supporting NHS England’s aims

Improving interoperability through GP Connect will also help the hospital meet the aims of NHS England’s Improving Access to General Practice programme. By making GP records and information available at the point of care, GP Connect makes it easier to provide extended access services and deliver truly joined-up care. This improved joined-up working across will also help to support the development of primary care networks in local areas.

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