Providing joined-up care to over 30,000 children and teenagers

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is one of the largest NHS health organisations in the UK and is responsible for the care of 1.4 million patients, including thousands of vulnerable children and teenagers.

With the use of EMIS Web, clinicians working as part of NHSGGC have access to relevant patient information at the point of care. This is supporting them in providing fully informed, safe and effective care to more patients in a shorter space of time and improving patient outcomes.

NHSGGC provides care for a diverse population with one of the poorest health profiles of any UK city. With a high number of looked after children, above average child protection rates and children in Glasgow twice as likely to have a hospital admission due to an unintentional injury at home than anywhere else in the UK, NHSGGC needed a way to better manage their flow of patients and improve outcomes.

Improving care and efficiencies with shared patient records

Having access to a shared electronic record through EMIS Web has made a significant improvement to the care provided by the specialist children’s service in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. In fact, 92% of clinicians working in the specialist children’s services said that the care they’re able to provide has improved as a result of record sharing via EMIS Web. This is because having instant access to patient information at the point of care has helped clinicians to make faster and more informed clinical decisions. With EMIS Mobile added on, clinicians are also able to access the information they need, when and where they need it.

Improving accessibility to reduce DNA rates and waiting lists

Because EMIS Web allows in-depth reporting and analysis NHSGGC children’s services have used the software to identify areas for development within their services and make informed improvements. In doing so they were able to identify where they had the highest rate of missed appointments and put systems in place to make services more accessible for patient in those areas. As a result, the DNA rate in those areas dropped significantly. They’ve also been able to free up 1,000 more appointments a month, reducing the waiting list from two years to just 18 weeks or less.

Preparing for the future of children’s health services

As the NHS moves towards more joined-up care, EMIS Web is supporting organisations like NHSGGC to progress with their digital transformation. By providing fast and secure access to patient information, EMIS Web helped the children’s services team save time and reduce the need for patients to repeat their history, helping to avoid repeated recounts of potentially traumatic events. This has helped to greatly improve the patient experience and means appointments can be used to deal with current issues, rather than repeating previous ones.

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